Help save kennel and cattery due to covid

by Rachel Barr in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom


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Since the covid pandemic in March 2020 Kennels and Catteries have been given no government help and are looking at having to close.

by Rachel Barr in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

As kennels and catteries are essential for animal welfare we have not been forced to close. However, we have received NO Government financial help.

We look after animals in need eg people taken to hospital. We also board animals when people travel, go to work etc

During covid we have either no animals or just 1 or 2. (we are currently caring for 1 abandoned dog), but we do not get paid for this an even if we did the heating and food costs far outweigh any income.

As the government classify us as essential and therefore to remain open we do not fit into any sectors that do require help such as travel, accommodation and tourism when really we fall in to all of these sectors.

As a result we are very close to having to close our doors.

This will leave animals during covid in need of our care with no where to go and long term once people can travel there will be no where for animals to be placed safely in a professional environment so that people can get away. Instead they will be left in situations which we do not even wish to think about.

We are asking for help to keep on top of the overheads ie heating, electric, water and food. This way we can keep open and continue to care for animals once things return to normal.

There is no personal financial gain from this. Just hoping to keep us open so that we can continue to care for animals in need during this pandemic.

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