Help Katie Bake More Pyclets

by Katie 'The Pyclet Lady' Gibson in Derby, England, United Kingdom


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Expand to create more local jobs, cut prices, give free nutrition advice, donate more food to Derbys homeless and struggling families

by Katie 'The Pyclet Lady' Gibson in Derby, England, United Kingdom

From Derby's Victorian Market Hall to the Eagle Market and everywhere in between , we've continued to provide Derby's traditional food to dine in our new parlour and take home.  Our menu and product offering have grown along the way and I want to take Derby Pyclet Parlour to the next level encouraging local growth and using the #tasteofderby for a number of charitable businesses.

The business has been through a lot of challenges over the last two years including two location moves out of necessity, a very near miss with a company that sold us a 12 month lease without disclosing that they were undergoing criminal investigation that could close their business, (it ultimately did) experiencing resentment due to moving where local companies have been informing our customers that we have closed.

Despite these and more challenges we have managed to put in our heart, soul, countless hours of mine and my families time and finance to overcome hurdles and keep pyclets and oatcakes on the shelves in Derby and while we are ticking along we need your help to take Pyclets to the next level and do more with the company.


We are looking to:

  • Donate more pyclets and oatcakes to Derby's homeless and struggling families
  • Get our pyclets into shelves via Morrisons Local Foodmakers scheme creating More Local Jobs & Reducing the price of our pyclets and oatcakes for you
  • Stock more specific varieties to cater for health conditions
  • Launch our fitness menu and provide free health and nutrition advice
  • Increase ways in which we can become more sustainable.

Katie is asking for your help whether it's a donation, christmas hamper purchase or even if it's just a share or a fiver towards the following: 

Growing local Jobs, Supporting Local economy & Reducing the Cost of our Products to you through efficiency

Fund kit for us to deliver pyclets as a Derby business through the Morrisons local foodmaker solution.  Kit we are looking to raise funds for includes 4 electric grills and baking racks. 

All other costs for starting the service will come from the parlour itself and Katie's pocket including the lease, small baking equipment, staffing, food analysis testing, consumables, packaging and ingredients.

£640 - Grills     £421 - Chrome Racking

The growth, particularly morrisons delivery will help make pyclets cheaper for the people of derby to buy and help us bring more jobs to the area. 

We've consistently provided training and development opportunities to our staff with derby business college and are a proud grower of people.

Increasing varieties for health conditions / Fitness Menu / Free Nutrition Advice

To fund resource to bring Katie's fitness menu to the Parlour so we can offer both healthier choices to diners and more varieties for those with different allergies and health conditions, alongside the menu Katie will be offering free nutrition advice in the form of handouts and free information on an app for anybody to be better able to understand their diet and improve their health through food and exercise.

£590 Nutrition Analysis Software (first yr - additional costs come from the parlour)

£492 Resource for 1 week at 10hrs at minimum wage to cover menu development, macro attribution, menu launch admin and materials

£124.15 Printed Nutrition Advice - Attitudes toward Foods    - Understanding Macronutrients    - Digestive Health

£705 Free Nutrition App with calculators and free nutrition advice for those struggling to understand and better manage diet and quality of life. (first yr - additional costs come from the parlour)

£450 Commercial Fridges - Fresh Ingredient Storage

£800  Initial Ingredients and Commercial Freezer - Frozen Storage for a wider range of pyclets and oatcakes to expand our gluten and dairy free range with a number of alternatives to soya milk and rice flour to suit all dietary requirements. 

More Regular Food Donations to Homeless charities & Fresh Food Bank System

While Katie already donates stock to homeless charities in Derby she'd love to be able to use the business to make this a regular occurrence and expand food donations to those living indoors struggling to feed their families and be able to afford to be a business able to give even more back to our community specifically in the following ways:

Weekly stock donations to the homeless through Derby's homeless charities

System for providing stock to those struggling to feed themselves and their families and promotion of system to allow those to reach out to us.

Approx £60 ingredients per week for stock donations to be self-funded after an initial setup from crowdfunding. Approx £41.50 staff costs per week for donations to be self-funded after an initial setup from crowdfunding.  Additional Resource & Material costs to be determined after initial project scoping to be completed by 14th Nov.


Growth will also help us become even more environmentally friendly, where we have already reduced our single use plastic by swapping out bags, straws, cutlery and clingfilm our biggest issue which is a costly one is recyclable product packaging without compromising the freshness of the products.

For those of you that know me you'll know I've had a passion for helping others in everything I do from my 13 years in healthcare management in a number of improvement roles to free health and fitness education through Natural Athlete and am equally passionate about using Derby Pyclet Parlour to do the same through the above projects.  The only thing stopping me so far is time and resource which is why I'm asking for your help.

We are also applying for additional funding from Natwest Back Her Business Scheme available if we meet our crowdfunding targets.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Christmas Pyclet Hamper

Christmas Pyclet & Oatcake Hamper for collection or local delivery including packs of our plain varieties and 2 flavours of your choice.

£5 or more

Personalised Thanks

Choose between a personalised thank you card from Derby Pyclet Parlour or a digital thanks on our social media channels (This can be first, both name or anonymous and will ultimately help us gain more support too)

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Website Supporters Recognition

We'll be recording the names of everyone who donates £10 or more on our dedicated project webpages to say thanks to the people of Derby and elsewhere who support us.

£50 or more

Business Recognition

If you want to support us through your business we'll promote your company and publicly thank through our social media channels and website supporter listings.

Let's make 'Help Katie Bake More Pyclets' happen

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