Help Jenny Learn Mandarin

Help Jenny Learn Mandarin

I am looking for funds to help cover the costs of learning Mandarin in Xi'an, China for one year.

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On 16th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 42 days

Project aim

I am looking for funds to help cover the costs of learning Mandarin in Xi'an, China for one year as part of a mission trip.

About the project

I am a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh and in October 2015 I will be travelling to Xi'an, China for 10 months.  I will be working as an associate of Friends of, a Hong Kong based charity, and will divide my time in China between language learning and student ministry at the university, particularly engaging in language partnerships and English speaking sessions with Chinese students. 

I want to become a student of Mandarin, as it will help me to connect with Chinese students and enable me to understand their culture, hopes and aspirations better. It will also be very humbling to put myself in the learner seat! It is my hope that language learning will create a context within which I can share my faith with students who do not have one. Mandarin is a tricky language to learn but I feel that learning it at this stage in my life will open the doors for many future employment and ministry opportunities. Enrolling in language school is also a necessity for my visa application.

As an associate of a mission organisation I have to fundraise my costs for the 10 months I am in China, and for the biblical training I will receive in the UK beforehand. In order to fundraise I am competing in the London Triathlon and family and friends are generously making monthly donations to help with my living costs. However I still need the money to enrol in language school, which will total about £3000. I am raising this by working full time, but I still have a fundraising gap of at least £1000. If you would like to donate to help me enable this to become a reality and fulfil my ambition, I would greatly appreciate it.





If you would like to be kept upto date with how I get on in China email me at and I will send monthly newsletters. I will also send a handwritten card expressing my appreciation to any donors! 


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