Help Jannat speak for the first time.

Help Jannat speak for the first time.

Help Jannat speak for the first time.

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Thank you for visiting this page. 

It's been created on behalf of Jannat Hoque. I'm her grandfather, Emdy.

Jannat is 4 years old. An energetic, sweet and intelligent girl, living in Rangpur, Bangladesh. She has a phenomenal zest for life. She lives life to its fullest.

However, there's always been something missing in Jannat's life. She has never been able to speak.

Jannat has severe-to-profound hearing loss in both ears, a condition she has suffered since birth.

At 12 months, Jannat's parents, Sathi and Tariqul, pictured with her above, noticed something was unusual. Jannat was far quieter than the other children in her village. She had never cried, she was silent.

As Jannat grew older, she went through her life having never uttered a sound, not spoken a word. Her parents quickly realised there was a problem and took her to see a doctor in Rangpur, a remote, rural district in northern Bangladesh.

But after numerous visits and consultations in Rangpur, she was told they couldn't help her. 

Until eventually, they were referred to KKR ENT Hospital in Chennai, India. The trip would cost them thousands of pounds: travel, accommodation, medical bills. But they gathered up all the money had, and they went.

And then the diagnosis came: that Jannat suffers from severe-to-profound hearing loss in both ears, leaving her deaf to the world around her. She can't hear and she is unable to speak.

They said that to be able to hear, she requires cochlear implant surgery, the fixing of an electrical system to her head that stimulates the cochlear to give the sensation of sound. A chance to hear the world for the first time.

But, the procedure is not available in Bangladesh. The hospital in Chennai advised that Jannat be treated at one of three private hospitals in London.

And this is where you come in. Medical expenses for the procedure alone are in excess of £25,000. And so the cost to Jannat's family is enormous.

This fundraising page has been set up to ask for help and kindness from the global community. To give a young child the best chance to fulfil her potential in life, reduce the financial burden from the shoulders of her parents and to restore happiness to a beautiful, young girl, so she can hear the world around her for the first time and say her first words.

Thank you for taking the time to read her story.

Any donation, no matter how big or small, will be so greatly appreciated to Jannat, her parents and our entire family.

Please show your kindness with a contribution today.