Help Jan with Uni fees and mental health support

by Jan Mjn in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Help Jan with Uni fees and mental health support
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pay my university tuition fees and other financial living cost.

by Jan Mjn in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

I aim to raise £12,000 in four weeks to be able to pay my university tuition fees and other financial living cost. I have to pay 22K university loans on my 3 years business management course. It took me 5 long years to get accepted to university and I don’t wanna drop out just because I do not have the money to afford the fees.

The raise will help me with my mental health problem, I try to stay focus and positive, but there is time where desolation overcome, and you just want to end up. I am always been an independent strong woman that can count only on herself, no friends or family my mental health is bleeding and getting worst. because I am getting tired of leave and often I think about bad thought…. So I realise that I urgently need some help before it will get too late. Like a psycolog or professional support to face the dark moments ahead cos

To build my confident and self-esteem, I tried to become a lifestyle model. I am doing some photoshoot and always try hard. But all the agencies and online platform I went to just shut me the door up, nobody give me the opportunity to show my skills out there. it hurt so much that I cry every day.

The campaign is as well for:

-rent & utilities. It is winter, so sooner will get colder and there is not efficient heating on my flat. It is so cold that I must wear the coat and scarf at home

-books & supplies I need to concentrate on my studies and a laptop will really help me out

-transportation and personal expenses. Bus pass and public transportation are so expensive! A year student pass is over £720, and I don’t know where to find the money. The price is just ridiculous! And government should reduce this enormous price!

I have setup this crowdfunding page to raise funds to support my difficult life and try to move forward on my financial needs.

If you can donate, please do it.

We all need some help and your donation little or big will make a huge difference!

Thank you for your support and Blessing to You.

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