Help James Deacon record his EP

Help James Deacon record his EP

To raise money to cover the cost of 'Desperate for Entertainment', James' debut EP so he'll stop moaning about not being a rock star.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

For some time now James has been been writing songs and for some time he's daydreamed about playing the pyramid stage at Glasto and holding up his baby like Simba in the Lion King for all the crowd to behold.

She's getting a bit  big for that now so it's about time James pulled his finger out his guitar tuner and did something about it. 

So he's asking for your help to raise some cash to record four of his finest songs so he can share them with you, without being subjected to the wrath of his baby mumma* for spending the money for their new shed.

Your help is much appreciated and hopefully you'll enjoy his EP; and if you're feeling really generous, you'll enjoy it live in your own home.  James will be overwhelmed if he meets his target and anything extra will go towards promoting the EP.  Thank you in advance for your help! xx

*This entry was written by said mother.