Help Jackie Juno to go HUGE!

by Osmosisters in Bovey Tracey, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 20th December 2018 we successfully raised £570 with 16 supporters in 28 days

We think the world needs more Jackie Juno! Help us to spread her empowering message to the four corners of the globe.

by Osmosisters in Bovey Tracey, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we can raise more money, Jackie can reach even more people. We'll help her create brilliant multimedia content for her website, so we can all share in her powerful wisdom.

We can help her take her workshops to the big cities of the UK and beyond, using our network of events promoters.

UPDATE: We have reached our first target!! Thank you to all who have supported - it just goes to show the amount of love there is out there for Jackie Juno!

We have now activated the 'stretch' target of £2000. 

Any extra money we raise from now on will go into brilliant informative and viral content for the website. This means Jackie can spread her wisdom and knowledge throughout the world.

Thanks! xx

The wickedest witch in the west country needs our help!

Jackie Juno is a legend in her own lifetime. She has touched so many of our lives with her mentoring, healing and workshops. She's the Grand Bard of Exeter, Glastonbury festival’s slam-winning poet and the lead singer of the Gong family band, Invisible Opera Company of Tibet. In short, Jackie is an inspirational thought leader.

She has been running workshops based around archetypes, journeying and creative writing to great acclaim locally for several years. These workshops have helped us and countless others to reach our dreams, to liberate ourselves and to move forward in our lives

Why we have started this crowdfunder

We are a group of women whose lives have been touched by Jackie Juno. We want to help her help more people, especially those in the city in need of a dose of nature.

Here is just a tiny selection of the many glowing testimonials Jackie has received over the years: 

“A truly amazing life-changing experience. Thank-you so much Jackie.’ Rosemary, South Brent

“It has been empowering and given me a wealth of resources to draw on – would like more!”

“Wonderfully facilitated – with compassion, love, knowledge and humour. Very informative. I enjoyed the variety, ie guided journeys, art, craft, dance, sharing. It has helped me to look deeper into myself and see the Goddess within. It has allowed the Goddess to work in my life.”
Jacquie, Torbay

“Empowering and caring environment for self-discovery and empowerment. Excellent. Unleashed my repressed creativity.”
Angie, Torbay

Those who know her all agree – Jackie is a creatrix of shamanic possibilities. 

Jackie has agreed to this crowdfunder because she agrees the time has come to take her empowering message to a wider, even global audience. 

It's time to spread her knowledge and wisdom into the four corners of the earth.

What we plan to do for Jackie 

First of all, Jackie needs a 'brand makeover'. We will source professional branding and marketing for her. Think snazzy website, targeted marketing, SEO and all those other newfangled things that any self-respecting wise woman of the wilds needs nowadays.

Then we can go even further, allowing her to put together blogs and ebooks and videos so she can share her knowledge and wisdom with a much wider audience. 

Finally, she can organise workshops and events in places like London and Oxford, where her message might help protect the planet even more. 


The biggest reward for us is the satisfaction of knowing Jackie will touch more lives. But for you guys, Jackie has agreed to offer some exclusive rewards, such as big discounts on tarot readings and exclusive offers on her books, all in time for Yuletide 2018.

If your life has been touched by this amazing woman, please consider chipping in as much you can spare to help us launch Jackie Juno beyond the south-west. 

Let’s spread her powerful healing work to those who need it most in the cities around the world.

Many thanks and bright blessings,

Kerry and Deevette at Osmosis


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Tarot Reading (Usually £40!)

Jackie has been reading the tarot for over forty years and her readings have been described as 'life-changing' and 'a deep process to gain insight'. Jackie is offering ten reduced price Tarot readings over Skype or in person in Devon. A great yuletide gift!

£5 or more

3 of 100 claimed

Art print card with a mini tarot reading

A card and personal mini tarot reading just for you. This comes with a personal thank-you note from Jackie. The card will be a beautiful art print in its own right. A gift in itself! The note will be detachable, so you can send the card on to friends and family in time for yuletide.

£20 or more

Four poetry books

Set of 4 of Jackie's poetry books: The Flowering, This Much I Know, History’s Whispers and Outspoken (usually £28) - £20! (plus p&p) Signed and with a personalised message in time for Yuletide 2018.

£25 or more

Sound healing with ancient Tibetan bowls

Jackie has a set of ancient Tibetan bowls which were collected over decades from monasteries in Tibet by a Tibetologist. The bowls are uniquely made, some are up to 20 inches in diameter. They were handmade by meditating monks in order to reflect the sound of their meditation. Ten lucky supporters can treat themselves or a loved one to an uplifting, relaxing and healing one-hour session with these unique bowls.

£45 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Shamanic drum journey (usually £100!)

Treat yourself or a small group to a guided shamanic drum journey with preparation, journey and support afterwards. Jackie trained with Eagle's Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism in the UK 1987-88 and has worked with several elders in different traditions since; in particular White Bear (Hopi) and Xilonem Galindo (Nahuatl, Mex.); and elders from her ancestral lands of Great Britain. This will be a private one-to-one or group session.

£125 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Life-changing mentoring

Jackie's exclusive one day offer was snapped up so quickly that Jackie has agreed to offer some more one-to-one life coaching! This reward entitles you to a consultation, a half day together and follow-up support afterwards.

£225 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Life-changing one-to-one mentoring (usually £500!)

One lucky supporter will receive exclusive personal life-coaching. This reward entitles you to a consultation, preparation, a whole day together and follow-up support afterwards. This usually costs several hundred pounds.

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