Help Invest In The Financial Market

Help Invest In The Financial Market

Strategic Trading of The Financial Market

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I am a young enterpreneur who has been practicing different trading strategies on the financial market. I am more of a scalp trader and I most times use martingale strategy to trade the financial market with the most simple indicators which takes me about 20 secs to set up at an average laptop speed.

I have single handedly built a "demo" trading account from $10,000 to $112,000 which didn't happen overnight but as a result of consitently follwing my strategy for few months, though profits come in bits but the strategy consitently prevents me from emptying the trading account to a loss.

In summary, a minimum of £15000 will be needed in which £10000 will be divided into 5 convinient parts which will each be sub-divided into a 20 step strategic trading currency which will allow me a winning trade at the end of the day (Banks do this with ease with your money with less leverages). If a part of the initial capital is lost which has never happened with my strategy, this allows me to repeat process with the remaining 4 more to continue and recover losses including the previously lost capital.

The remaining £5000 will be used to hire mentorship of 5 more experienced traders for a minimum of 6 months who will be like contract partners who will using their wealth of experience to keep the invest at profit. This is just to make sure the whole system is not entirely dependent on me even though I will be doing it all most times.

Apart from trading personally, I (with the help of hired experienced traders) will also be providing trading signals for free for a year to donors who request as a way of saying thank you for your support and 20% of profit realized will go to charity while another 20% will go into investing in college kids with strong business ideas and will just like me. This will be as a form of pay back for your kindness and support, hence feeding & clothing and also getting as much kids as possible of the streets to the betterment of their various communities.

Help keep a dream alive, every single pence will be highly appreciated and paid forward acordingly.