Help if u can but help others if need more then me

by Muhammad islam in Dewsbury, England, United Kingdom

Help if u can but help others if need more then me
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I need help to start a business I need equipment to get started it will be car spray equipment

by Muhammad islam in Dewsbury, England, United Kingdom

Hi im just a guy who has led a life in and out of jobs never known  what I wanted to be in life no gcse's now reached a point in life where iv discovered corses iv done a few now and this last one blow my minde it was a car spraying corse I wanted to start a buisness I cant get a lone due to me having bad credit I want to start from home or find a cheep garage to start I need equipment and mabe I could help others with work and tech them I know I would help others that need help please help if u can I pray for all who help may 

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