Help Ieva attend. Music academy/festival in Italy

To help Ieva attend an intensive masterclass course with daily concert performances in Italy 2017.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Ieva is a highly talented third-year pianist at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music.

Ieva plays classical piano music as well as works from Living composers around the world.
She recently performed in the John Halford competition where she performed 'Bone Memories' by Michale Worboys that won 1st prize for original composition alongside Peteris Vasks Fantasia ' Landscapes of the Burnt-out Earth'.

She has recently received an amazing invitation to participate in an intensive music festival of 3 weeks in Italy with the Highly Regarded piano Professor Megumi Masaki from Canada. As Ieva was personally invited this is a great honor.

Ieva met the professor a year earlier in the CoLab festival of her conservatoire when she was the visiting Artist on the project that year.
Now a year later Megumi has kindly invited Ieva to come with her to Italy for 3 weeks.
This is an amazing opportunity that would prepare Ieva for the final year of her studies and also open more doors in the future. All the students taking part are exceptional musicians.

The Course includes:

Musicians will participate in a three-week program of intense musical study with an outstanding international faculty. Professional training in the preparation of repertoire for the numerous rich performance experiences offered is emphasized.

Public afternoon and evening concerts are held every day except Saturdays and Sundays. Performers are chosen on the strength of their submitted recording.A unique opportunity is provided for students who are ready for professional performing experiences and would like to perform their repertoire in beautiful halls for excellent audiences. Those preparing International Competitions are given priority and will be offered a special solo recital.

The Boarding costs for the course including meals on working days ( except Saturdays and Sundays 1480 euro)

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Tha administration fee for the application is 150 Euros and of course, there are still flights and transport fees to consider.

Ieva has already received a generous donation from a private sponsor - 500 GBP towards the course but there is still more missing.

As a thank you to all the supporters, weekly updates, and videos from concerts will be available. And a concert for donors will be organized in September to say thank you in London, UK.

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