Flogging Sonnets! Unique poems from a young writer

Flogging Sonnets! Unique poems from a young writer

My writing career is in jeopardy. I am getting out of danger the only way I know; flogging sonnets, essays and stories.

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Project aim

I love writing, and in the past few years I have worked hard & built a career of it. Now this is in jeopardy. As a result I am flogging sonnets, essays and short stories. A musician in peril may go out and busk, creating beautiful music for passers by. I can't do this, what I can do is write, and write beautifully. 

About the project

I love writing. It is perhaps the only thing I have ever been good at.

When I was a child my dad would tell me the story of Scheherazade, the Persian Queen who told stories night after night to her murderous husband, always ending on a cliffhanger. For Scheherazade the act of telling was everything and she became the narrative voice behind 1001 Arabian Nights, the number of nights it took for her husband to change his nature.

My dad told me to always ask people their stories, as real life is full of interesting beautiful true stories with complex character arcs. A stranger who sits next to you on the train and tells you their entire life story, he told me, is not an irritation but a gift. 

I have always listened to people's stories, and have always written. In the past three years through hard work, tenacity and a love of words I have built a career of writing, something I have always longed to do. I have seen my income rise from very little to enough to live on. It's been a terrifying thrilling journey, and the sense of achievement felt in living, like Scheherazade, by an act of telling, was enormous.


I have however just been faced with a massive bill I am unable to pay. I left a tap running in my flat (after beiung presribed diazepam for anxiety) and it flooded the floor causing damage. I simply do not have the money for the repairs, and the situation terrifies me, especially as my lovely flatmate is jointly liable according to the terms of the lease. 

I am trying to get out of this situation the only way I know how, flogging sonnets and telling stories, as Scheherazade would have done. You may wonder what you get in return; what you get is a unique piece of writing, especially for you on a topic of your choosing. I'm like a busker singing for my supper, the only difference is that a piece of writing is something tangible, something you can keep, love and treasure.

Please do email or facebook me and let me know what you would like me to write for you. My email is hopewhitmore@gmail.com

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