Help Hope Hop Again
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Please help Hope hop again. Hope is a special little girl who unfortunately was paralyzed at 10 weeks old and needs CT scan and surgery.

by Hayley Rennison in Stockton On Tees, England, United Kingdom

Help Hope Hop Again
Hopes story
Hope is a special little girl who unfortunately was paralyzed at 10 weeks old. She was placed on a website for free and had not seen a vet from being severely injured. Luckily Hope was spotted by a rescue centre and was placed in foster care and finally saw a vet. Hope was immediacy given pain relief (Metacam). A physical examination was given; her lesions were cleaned with hibiscrub, Baytril and Flamazine cream were prescribed for her sore wounds and infection.

I adopted Hope. Since Hope has been home, she has made a remarkable recovery regarding her condition. She as regained partial movement in her back, hips, legs and toes. At first, she could only move her toes if you applied pressure squeezing her foot. Now she can lift her back/hip in the air and move them side to side. Hope always moves her legs throughout the day where she is kicking her legs or trying to stand up on her own. With this improvement, I booked Hope with a neurologist at Wear Referrals to see if it possible for Hope to hop again. Hopes nerves have recovered slowly over time since she was injured. She can feel her legs, move them and pass urine and faeces on her own without assistance. Hope is a little trooper and has the most lovely, affectionate personality. She loves life and has the cutest mannerisms. 

I ordered Hope a wheelchair for her to help with mobility but unfortunately was not practical for her due to her rear legs fixed straight. Hope will not fully recover without surgery and therapy. Hopes back legs are presumed broken and needs resetting back into place and  her knee cap is backwards. Her neurologist said luckily she does not require an MRI scan and her problem is surprisingly more orthopaedic and not neurological. Hope will need a CT scan to see exactly what is going on with her hip and legs; it will also show her spinal cord. 

There are potential options for Hope, but without the CT scan, we won't know for sure what she needs, what is best for her and won't be able to move forward. Hope needs special care and extra love due to her disability.  She is a gorgeous girl and is a happy, healthy bunny. Euthanasia is not an option as long as Hope wants to live and is pain-free with a good quality of life. However, without treatment, this with not last long due to Hope compensating on her front legs and shoulders. She will develop arthritis and or her front legs will collapse and will not be able to move at all. Hope is only 1 year old and is only a baby.

Please help Hope hop again; no donation is too small anything will make a big difference to this little girl. We will regularly update everyone on Hopes results and progress. 

We are initially asking just for the CT scan cost as we do not have an arcuate quote overall from the vet since we do not know what I type of surgery Hope will need until she has her CT scan.

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