Honey & The Bear 2 - Journey through the Roke

by Honey & The Bear in Benhall, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 6th September 2020 we successfully raised £7,226 with 129 supporters in 28 days

Suffolk folk and roots duo, Honey & The Bear, would love your help to produce and promote their second album of original music.

by Honey & The Bear in Benhall, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Wow! You guys are so amazing to have helped us smash our target. Thank you sooooo so much! We, as always, are incredibly humbled by your support and belief in our music.

Now that we’ve reached our target, the pressure is off, but please do keep telling your friends about this campaign to encourage more pledges and maybe, just maybe, we could reach our stretch target.

What is a stretch target?
The extra funds will enable us to spread our music further on a national scale.

The realities are, good PR costs money, and without it, as hard as we try, the world of Honey & The Bear will remain localised. We have dreams of being played on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show and getting a 5* review in the Guardian. Maybe with the right PR campaign, that might become a reality... who knows!

Let’s see if, together, we can make it happen.

Big bear hugs,

Lucy and Jon xx

Who are Honey & The Bear?

Those of you who have never heard of Honey & The Bear will probably be saying, 'Who are they?'. Well, we are Lucy and Jon, two multi-instrumentalists who have been touring the UK folk scene together for over half a decade. We released our debut album last July and now we find ourselves itching to create more music to share with you.

‘Why are we crowdfunding?’ we hear you ask!

Here at Honey and the Bear HQ (a.k.a the "bear cave") life has taken an interesting turn since the Covid-19 outbreak. As you know, the performing arts industries have come to a standstill, nearly all the summer festivals have been cancelled and small venues have closed their doors. Like so many others, we moved our musical performances online very early on, and although strange at first, it’s been a pleasure performing weekly livestreams to our H&TB community of listeners for the past 21 weeks. Some of you will have been part of that journey, tuning in, chivying us along with your lovely comments and generally giving our lives some purpose. We thank you whole heartedly for that and we hope that our Sundays have been equally as comforting and rewarding for you as they have for us.

At the beginning of lockdown we decided to set ourselves the task of writing new material to perform online each Sunday night. We had a second album in mind of course, but we thought the weekly pressure of performing to a virtual community might just give us the extra push we needed to actually develop an outcome. And WE DID IT! We’ve written 12 songs which we now want to develop into album number two.  Woohoo!

What will the album be called?

We’ve decided to call it ‘Journey Through the Roke’. 'Roke' is an East Anglian term for ‘an evening fog on the marshes’ - something that can be tricky to manoeuvre through safely. We decided this would be a fitting name when we realised that all our songs have the underlying theme of survival - poignant, we feel, in this very unsettling time for mankind.

Who will this crowdfunder be supporting?

Since coronavirus has left so many of our dear friends without gainful employment (including Jon a.k.a "The Bear") we plan on paying for their time and skills to help us develop an album we can be proud of for years to come. This crowdfunding campaign is therefore going to go towards enlisting the talents of (and feeding) musicians, hiring a producer, paying for mix and mastering engineers, affording a professional PR campaign and printing the CDs.

How can you get involved?

We’d absolutely love you to get involved in helping us realise our goal, spread a little musical love and joy, and to keep us and our musical friends busy for a few more months of this pandemic.

It could be as simple as pre-ordering a copy of the album in MP3 or CD format, but there are other options available if you feel willing and able to donate a little bit more. 

Lucy (a.k.a "Honey") is an artist, so she will be creating:

- beautiful artworks that could adorn your walls (Limited edition A2 and A3 prints)

- sets of hand drawn greetings cards to send to your friends at home and abroad

- bee earrings to adorn your ears (cute)

- a brand new limited edition H&TB tote bag  (who doesn't need a shopping bag or two these days?!)

- a brand new limited edition H&TB tea towel (because you can never have too many tea towels!)

- a brand new limited edition apron (for anyone who wants to add a little honey to their cooking)

We’ll also be offering garden gigs for small, socially distanced gatherings, and some kayaking adventures on the rivers Alde or Deben in Suffolk. 

Take a look through and if there are any combinations of rewards that you'd like which haven't been offered, drop us a message and we'll see what we can do.

When will it be ready?

We're aiming for December as our release date but, of course, this goal post may be subject to change depending on the availability of all our talented friends and engineers. 

Thank you for reading and we look forward to (hopefully) reaching our target and sharing the results of our hard work with you once it is complete.

Thanks again and lots of love,

Lucy and Jon xx

Important info about pledging

If you accidentally pledge more than you mean to, please contact us at honeyandthebearpromotions@gmail.com and we can remove it and refund you.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Pre-order Digital Download

Get a (plastic free) copy of 'Journey through the Roke', along with lyric sheets delivered to your inbox before the official release along with our eternal gratitude.

£12 or more

Pre-order a signed CD

Get our album before the rest of the world does! We'll personally sign, seal and (Royal Mail) will deliver 'Journey through the Roke' to your doorstep (or your PO box, or your safe place) before the official release.

£25 or more

H&TB Limited Edition Tote Bag + the album

Honey is designing a brand new and exclusive Honey and the Bear essentials cotton tote bag to stash all your (purchased) goodies. And we'll conceal a signed CD within, of course.

£25 or more

H&TB Limited Edition Tea Towel + the album

Get the 'Journey through the Roke' album delivered to your door along with a brand new, limited edition, screen printed tea towel with artwork designed by Honey herself. A useful and musical reward!

£27 or more

4 Hand Designed Cards + the album

A little creative bundle for those of you who like sending lovely, handwritten messages to friends and loved ones. Honey is designing 4 'Journey through the Roke' themed greetings cards (left blank for your own message). So you could send them a card, along with the signed CD (or keep it for yourself of course).

£35 or more

H&TB Handmade Bee Earrings + the album

While you listen to your signed copy of the album, your ears can be adorned with some super cute, teeny-tiny honey bee earrings hand made by Honey herself. Made with polymer clay and mounted on titanium ear hooks / studs (your choice).

£37 or more

Limited Edition Screen Printed Apron + the album

Add a little Honey (and the Bear) into your cooking with a stylish screen printed, cotton apron. One size only. Designed by Honey, this reward comes with a signed copy of the album too, of course!

£40 or more

6 of 25 claimed

Hand drawn 2021 Wall Calendar + the album

Honey is creating a limited edition wall calendar full of hand-drawn Suffolk inspired artworks to accompany an action packed 2021 (here's hoping!). It will be signed, sealed and delivered to you via Royal Mail before the year begins along with a copy of the brand new album.

£50 or more

2 of 25 claimed

Honey & The Bear Chef's Bundle

Add a little honey to the kitchen with the chef's bundle which includes a limited edition tea towel and a limited edition cotton apron. You get a copy of the album too so you can listen while you work.

£50 or more

10 of 25 claimed

A3 Limited Edition Print + the album

If you want more than just the music, not only will you receive a signed copy of the CD but also a limited edition A3 print of artwork created by Honey herself, which you could own, frame and display on your very own wall! The artwork will be inspired by the Suffolk rivers and the misty water meadows.

£60 or more

4 of 8 claimed

Kayaking adventure for 1 with Jon + the album

A 2 hour kayaking adventure with Jon on the River Alde or the River Deben in Suffolk. Jon will accompany you in a double kayak on a gentle river cruise so you can experience the wildlife and serenity of our beautiful Suffolk rivers. Please note you must be a proficient swimmer and be physically able to get into a kayak and control an oar. Life jacket supplied.

£100 or more

7 of 8 claimed

Couples Kayaking Adventure + the album

A 2 hour kayaking adventure with Jon on the River Alde or the River Deben in Suffolk - perfect for a couple of adventurous souls. Jon will accompany you on a gentle river kayak so you can experience the wildlife and serenity of our beautiful Suffolk rivers. Both members need to be proficient swimmers and be physically able to get into a kayak and control an oar. Life jackets supplied.

£100 or more

4 of 20 claimed

Honey & The Bear Hamper

A hamper of H&TB goodies including a limited edition tote bag, tea towel and apron, along with a set of 4 hand-drawn cards, a custom 2021 calendar and a signed copy of the album.

£100 or more

5 of 5 claimed

Limited Edition A2 Fine Art Print + the album

A beautiful piece of signed artwork for your wall inspired by the Suffolk rivers and misty water meadows. Only 5 available on A2 fine art paper - and you'll get a signed CD too, of course.

£500 or more

5 of 5 claimed

H&TB Garden Concert (UK mainland only) + Signed CD

We love performing live, so if you're a fan of the live music experience and fancy hosting a Honey & The Bear concert in your garden, we'll happily perform for you, your family and friends. Only five of these are available. Dates and times to be discussed if we reach our target. You'll also get a signed copy of the album. Note: In the era of Covid-19, social distancing guidelines will have to be adhered to.

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