Help Homeless Veterans

by Phil Cruickshank in Ardeonaig, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help Homeless Veterans
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I am raising money to help homeless veterans who have been let down by others to get back on their feet.

by Phil Cruickshank in Ardeonaig, Scotland, United Kingdom

I am a small new start company based outside Banchory. I am looking at taking on 2 employees to work for me as I will be needing workers to assist with the day to day running of the business. The business is a motorsport based company which deals daily with motorsport vehicles and various other trades within the motor industry. I can go and get employees who are trained just by advertising but as an ex army soldier I want to help those who need it most. This is why I have spoken with various charities and organisations and would like to assist them with helping homeless veterans in the UK get back on their feet. 12% of homeless people in the UK are veterans who have suffered being at war and through no fault of their own society has given up on them. The people I am looking at taking on are people who have suffered post traumatic stress disorder, disabilities and other illnesses caused during their service. People who suffer from PTSD, disabilities and other illnesses are the ones most venerable to ending up on the streets. This is caused by them being unable to secure a job once employers understand why they have left the services. Some of the veterans have nothing when they leave the forces, not even a family. I understand that it is coming up to Christmas but if you could please spare a few pounds so I can help get these veterans off the streets before Christmas and supply them with a warm home, a job and most importantly an income so they can be warm and comfortable on Christmas day and for the remainder of their lives. The money raised will be put towards rental of a property for a few months to ensure they have enough money from their wages (which will be supplied by the company and not the fund raising) to save and become sufficient themselves. The money raised will also go towards getting them appliances, clothing and other supplies they need to support themselves. We will also be putting them to college one or two days a week to study our industry in various aspects and get them fully qualified for the future of our business and also their lives. Once we have succeeded with first 2 veterans and they have found their feet we will continue to offer veterans jobs here as the company grows. It is a subject that has hit the news headlines hard and this is why I want to help these people who have put their lives at risk for us and their country. Due to the company being new I need to concentrate the business funds for the growth of the business which is why I have asked the public to help with rehoming these veterans. My company is a equal opportunities company. We will employ both men and woman of any race to work for us as long as it gets them into a safe environment and a warm home they have been denied of for too long. I would appreciate any kind donations no matter how small. I will also post updates every week on our social media pages so everyone can see what we have done with your kind donations and how much your support is helping rehome our veterans All other funds not used will be donated to Solders off the Streets charity.

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