help higgsons kick start our dreams

help higgsons kick start our dreams

We are hoping to raise the funds to help us kick start our little family business and bringing us 1 step closer to achieving our dream.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a family online retail company that specialises in gifts. We base all of our items around what our customers are after as we are customer focused, we will also go out of our way to source an item for a customer if we do not have it. We are a family business that is looking to bring back the old values that have been lost over the years with  online shopping.

I feel that the problem of today is that businesses treat you as a number not a person and we want to change that. We want to change that by building our company around yourselves (the customers) and having it that you can talk to us every step of the way by telling us your ideas, what you want and who you are. Our aim is to build a good relationship with our customers and to be able to offer jobs to people that are struggling to get into work due to lack of skills or to people that struggle to get work due to disabilities.

To put it simple my name is Lee. I am just a normal guy that wants to make a change in not only my life but other peoples lives also. I want to be able to get to a place where our business can support childrens charities for the long term. I have 10+ years experience in warehouses and customer services and 20+ years as a customer, and i have to say i liked the customer services from years ago better.

The idea we have has come from the fact that we are bored of the way things have become, all about numbers and paper work. So we have decided to do something about it and we came up with Higgsons. Our story is just beginning but we are passionate and motivated to build this business and be able to employ and train people so that they grow along side us and our business.

We are looking for £3,200 to help us with the following:

£1,400 for computers

£100 for a printer

£200 for a pop up kiosk

£500 for new stock

£750 for our website

£250 for a charity