Help Hamza Siddiq relocate to a "Muslim land".

Help Hamza Siddiq relocate to a "Muslim land".

Help Hamza Siddiq start a new life in a "Muslim land".

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A lot of people have undoubtedly seen this bloke's profile shared round social media. It's caused quite a bit of a stir and it seems his opinions aren't too popular with the Great British public

Well isntead of just moaning, I thought let's find a solution that everyone is happy with. One part of the status stood out to me, where he expressed his dislike for the fact he's supposedly unable to visit Muslim lands.

Now whatever you may think of this man or his words, he is entitled to his opinion. And I absolutely hate seeing people unhappy. It's quite clear that Mr. Siddiq isn't happy with his life in the decadent western secular democracy of the UK, and it's likely that most of us don't want him here either.

What I am asking is for donations in order to fund Mr. Siddiq's passage out of the UK. Having googled for 5 minutes it seems that you can get some great deals on flights to "Muslim lands":

Manchester to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) - £341 Turkish Airlines
Manchester to Kabul (Afghanistan) - £578 Emirates
London to Nouakchott (Mauritania) - £318 Tunisair
London to Mogadishu (Somalia) - £646 EasyJet/Turkish Airlines/Fly-SAX
London to Grozny (Chechnya) - £112 Pegasus

etc etc.

Unfortunately I dunno anything about visa requirements so he will have to sort all that himself. However I'm sure the money raised can help cover all admin costs etc.

All I'm asking of Hamza Siddiq in return for this massive favour is that he promises to never return.


You all know what to do....

PS: if Mr. Siddiq chooses to turn down this generous offer, any money raised will go to the British Red Cross - We Love Manchester appeal