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After the suspension of our unique creative work to protect children from sexual abuse, GW THEATRE urgently needs your help to stay afloat.

by GW Theatre Company in Mossley, England, United Kingdom

Hi, and welcome to our emergency crowdfunding page!

The Covid-19 crisis has forced the suspension of all our work in schools to help safeguard 9-11 year old children from sexual abuse, and with it our income as a non-profit making company. We use theatre, animation and book resources to empower and protect children - all based a modern fairy tale called Mr Shapeshifter. You can see more information at

With a 34 year track record of outstanding work, this crisis places our small company and our work under very grave threat. But with your support we can survive and work in the face of this crisis, by adapting one element of our work to reach large numbers of the 90% of children who are now out of school, and thus much more vulnerable to abuse. We can also accelerate development of new work.

Are we good at what we do?

Our work with children in schools, working in partnership with all key agencies, has given many children the confidence to make disclosures and seek help which has lifted them out of abuse. 

The calibre of our work is recognised at the highest level nationally:

"This is a really important project...resources like Mr Shapeshifter can really help to create conditions in which children feel secure enough to tell someone they trust if they are being abused" 

Anne Longfield, Children's Commissioner, England

Your support will help us to...

  • Build a Home Learning resource around the Mr Shapeshifter animation, which will be made freely available to all local authorities and schools in the UK
  • Fund the development of a new creative project to protect 6-8 children from online and real life risks, dangers and threats
  • Survive as a company by being pro-active and creative in a crisis 

Support us now please!

Best wishes from GW Theatre Company 


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