Help Green up Forest Gate!

Help Green up Forest Gate!

Our lovely area has become a dumping ground. Help us elect Newham's first Green councillor and challenge the Labour council to clean up!

We did it!

On 10th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £565 with 25 supporters in 14 days

Forest Gate sadly seems to be a dumping ground. And the 100% Labour council have recently decided to bring in a £20 charge for collecting bulky waste. This penalises those who behave themselves! 

There is a council by-election in Forest Gate on the 14th of July. Please help us use this opportunity to send a strong message to Labour that they need to clean up their act. Our candidate Elisabeth Whitebread is an environmental campaigner and lives in the ward. 

Elisabeth says: "My experience as an environmental campaigner has given me the skills to understand how to tackle issues like fly-tipping, one of the most pervasive problems that this area faces."

Green Party candidates have come second in all local elections in Forest Gate North since 2010. This is the best opportunity we may have for years to bring back democracy to Newham, as there is no official opposition to Labour. That's right - all 60 Labour councillors and Sir Robin Wales, the Labour mayor, have been unchallenged for years. 

Elisabeth says: “No matter what your political allegiance, it’s surely bad for democracy to have only one Party represented on our council, with no opposition to scrutinise their decisions.”

We're planning a serious campaign. To do this we need money for two rounds of leaflets and an addressed letter to voters, so that all voters will be certain to read about the good we can do. Please give whatever you can to help us elect Newham's first Green councillor and challenge the Labour council to clean up!


Please note: donations are subject to verification of the source by checking the electoral roll, and cannot be anonymous nor hidden behind proxies.  The identities of donors of more than £50 have to be available to the public.

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