Help Gopal Create Employment For Women in Nepal

by Gopal Jha in Janakpur, Central Development Region, Nepal

Help Gopal Create Employment  For Women in Nepal
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Our venture to helps women create products using their cultural skills and market them so they get out of poverty and violence

by Gopal Jha in Janakpur, Central Development Region, Nepal

What cause I am working for?

8.64 Million of women in Nepal aren’t working because of the 44.5% of them are not educated. (Data: NLSS- III) Without education it makes them harder to find a job and hence depend upon their male counterparts. This makes women prone to constant violence, plus when only one member of the family works it makes the economy of the place worse and they never get out of the clutches of poverty. 


About Me

I am 21 and a development enthusiast, I am majoring in Business and Finance in Tribhuwan University of  Nepal. I had worked through Rotary and was the director for the project Interact of Rotary for Nepal and Bhutan. I also have had worked in Amnesty international. Being in these huge humanitarian relief programs I got to witness the first hand view of what the country was like outside Kathmandu. I belong to one of the poorest countryside of Nepal and our venture is focused on making a change in women employment there. 


About My Company: 

Our company is called Kapra®. We help people create products using the skills they inherit from their culture like painting, sewing, etc. By doing this we provide employment to uneducated women in the society who otherwise wouldn’t be employed. Not being employed is something that makes them prone to violence below are some products we prototyped.

Products ( Pictures )

 Phone Cases: These are mostly for people who represent the area and want to either promote the culture to others or teach to their children.

 Dustbins: The dustbins are made of super hard cardboard which makes it sturdy enough for using it for a year without any physical damage. The painting on the outer space makes it beautiful enough to catch attraction. 

Pencil Cases :  These are made from Paper and are painted on the outside to make it look absolutely beautiful,

We shall bring more diversification in the products as we grow.



Why do I want to be at Watson?


Watson is a top notch institute which has trained almost 300 budding entrepreneurs since 5 years, who have done and are doing great things for the society. Watson selects top 30 change makers who they believe can make an impact in the world, and this time I was one of the participants among hundreds of applicants from all over the World. We are trained in various aspects of entrepreneurship, paired with notable mentors and taught etiquette important in the fieldwork.  


Why donate:

                  I think being admitted to Watson is a huge opportunity to grow our venture. So, supporting me to attend this program would help the venture grow definitely.  Watson Semester Incubator has the total tuition $21,147.86, from which i managed to secure $15000 as scholarship to attend the program on Merit basis. I needed to pay $6,147.86 in installments. My dad supported me with another $1260, so I need to pay about $4887 to pay the tuitions in Watson. 


Benefits of Donating

* Anyone who has donated $ 0-50 in this campaign can avail a 10% discount on showing the screenshot or a proof of donation and  our products for a lifetime after we launch. 

* Anyone who donates $ 51-100 gets a specialized phone case and a dustbin. 

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