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As someone who suffer with mental health issues and been put on sick from work. i have found that being creative with my drawing helps me.

by christopher kinnear in Northampton, England, United Kingdom

hello there my name is Christopher

first of all i have to say that i am not happy or enjoying putting this up. i don't like asking people for anything even help with reading.

 will have to say sorry for my spelling and grammar i have dyslexia

my vision is to make youtube video's stream my self drawing live as well on top make comic's for all to read for free.

i have been drawing every single day and i have no plans on stopping even though some days i draw too much and burn my self out. i am always seeking help to get better at drawing and watching streamers and youtubers.

i will use what money i get to buy some new equipment and software. also if i get enough i will apply to go to art school or give it away to a different person who needs a helping hand in life.

but i can't expect to get all the money i need i believe that i have to earn most of it my self.

to put is short i find it hard to talk about my self and to put into words what my goal and where i want this to go.

when i get more more self of steam i will update this to make it a better fit.

i never when to art school or collage so i can't say anything about them.

i did go to collage at the age of 16 to do are and got accepted but i was never put on the art course. so i soon dropped out half way through the year. ever since that day i lost my passion and love for all things art and drawing. up until the age of 28 where i have found my new for art and drawing once again.

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