Help Get People In Work

Help Get People In Work

Help People in Deprived areas start there own business without fear of debt by supporting our project to offer them free franchises.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Firstly let me introduce my self.

My name is Mark and i started UKBSS Ltd up in 2014. at school i did poor in some subjects and average in others, so never thought i would be where i am today.

This project realy means alot to me as we are going to be aiming this franchise at areas of the UK where people dont get the chance to get higher in life.

This funding will be used to train the franchises in the skills to compete in our industry. We offer Website design and hosting services aswell as other business services.

They will then be given a region in which to operate. We will give them all the support they need to help them get up and running.

As we are asking for funding we will not charge the franchisees to join. (useuly ££££s of pounds.)  They will get our world leading software and business modell for free and when they are up and running they can go it alone or stay the choice is theirs.

We realy care and want to give back and support people that want to improve there life but dont have many chances. We are offering a weeks face to face training and a dedicated support team to help them. 

We are doing this for free so please help our cause and help others get this opertuinity. Feel free to check us out at  or even ring us on 0800 001 6842 to have a personal chat with one of the team.