Help get Onthank Nursery a new playground

Help get Onthank Nursery a new playground

To get the children at Onthank Nursery a new playground.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

On Friday night/Saturday some horrendous people set fire to Onthank nursery's playground leaving the children to come in on Tuesday to see their beloved playground in tatters. Summer is on it's way and the children have nowhere to play and nowhere for them to grow plants etc. This will leave the cooped up inside.  These innocent children as just between the ages of 3 and 5. The parent's will have to now explain to the children that all the flowers they have grow have been ruined and the toys they loved have gone. 

This money will be put towards the clear up of the mess they have left behind, and some basics to get started on rebuilding the playground and extra protection to ensure nothing like this happens again. Onthank is in a poor caption area of Ayrshire, and the community is coming together to try and fix this as soon as possible. We have already had some kind donations of free labour from local companies to help with the clean up.

Once given the go ahead from the council we will be having a coffee morning where volunteers will help with the clean up.