Help get my Nan - Grace - 6 months of home care

Help get my Nan - Grace - 6 months of home care

My beautiful Nan - Grace - is now too sick to take care of herself.  Please help me to get her some home care. Thank you.

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On 24th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £60 with 2 supporters in 28 days

My beautiful Nan - Grace - is now too sick to take care of herself. 11 years ago, my Grandad passed away and ever since her health has declined.  She has battled cancer and won, had a triple bypass and recovered and at 84, she is still mentally very sharp.  But she is now unable to take care of herself and any help that we try to give is now not sufficient or expert enough.  We try to make her comfortable, and take care of her house, washing etc for her but she needs specialist medical care.  She cannot afford to go into a residential home and apparently is not allowed any grants for care simply because she lives in her own home.  The problem being that they want her to sell her house in order to pay for home care, which in our minds is completely contradictory.  If she sells her house, how can she have home care? And where will she live? 

Heartbreakingly she spent last Christmas in hospital and we nearly lost her twice to a bad infection, she has had a pacemaker fitted and is now at home recuperating. She has lost the use of her hands which we are trying to help her re-establish and she cannot walk well or get to the bathroom quickly. She is unable to bath herself, which we are more than happy to help with but we cannot always be there to help as she lives 72 miles from us.  She was entitled to help from carers for a short time, but in order for it to continue she now has to pay for the care herself.

The number we have been having to pay per week is £275.05, and while we obviously try to help, we are all running out of money very quickly and it is taking a huge financial strain on all of us, including extra worry for Grace.

The total I am trying to raise for her on this Crowdfund is £7151, which is the equivalent of 6 months worth of care. This will hopefully give us enough time to try and sort out a more permanent solution for her and to get her the help she needs in the meantime.

This lady is my hero and has been through so much, she is an absolute pillar of strength and to see her so helpless now is truly heartbreaking. She has also helped me through extreme times of trouble and heartache, so please help me to try and give her something back in her time of need.

Many thanks for taking the time to read Grace's story.

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