Help get Loz to the European Youth Tour & Belguim

Help get Loz to the European Youth Tour & Belguim

Lauren Higham is 13 years old and a Cyclist. She wants to be able to do European road & Cyclocross competitions in Belguim & Holland in 2016

We did it!

On 7th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Project aim

Lauren Higham is 13 years old and a Cyclist. She wants to be able to do European road & Cyclocross competitions in Belgium & Holland in 2015/16

About the project

Lauren Loves cycling, she is a member of British Cycling and part of the regional school of racing program on course to get in to the Olympic program when she is older. She loves cycling so much she now takes part in 6 disciplines Track, Road, Time Trial, Cyclo-cross, Off Road & Mountain Bike. Lauren also likes to do local rides and is a member of the CTC and regularly goes out on the local ctc rides. 

Being a cyclist means everything to Lauren and her aim is to be in the 2020 Olympics we are doing everything we can to help her get there but she needs your support too. As her parents we have tried everything we can to get her a bike for each discipline and she aims to enter as many competitions as possible but with each competition entry ranging from £5 - £15 most are £10+ ( these are most weekends and often 2 per weekend) and the cost of getting her to and from the competitions the majority are at least 1-2 hours drive to get to and can often mean a hotel stay averaging around £70 per night.  (We are looking in to buying a 2nd hand transit/camper van for transporting Lauren and her bikes and this means she can sleep in it saving the hotel bills but they cost around £15000-£20000 which we do not have at the moment due to being a family of 5 to consider and not just Lauren) The cost of going to Holland again in 2016 for the 6 day tour of Assen Road Racing like the Tour de France, the European youth tour will be at least £2000. But she has asked to go to Belgium and do some Cyclocross and road racing over there too. Cycling in Europe is very different to cycling in the UK and makes such a stronger rider with much better experience and to be able to do it at Lauren’s age while she is learning and absorbing techniques is a wealth of learning for her both physically and mentally.

This is Lauren competing in Holland last year 2nd from the left in the pink wellies with her trophy (you will always see her in her pink wellies everybody knows her either by her name or her pink wellies)

Lauren currently holds the South Eastern & Eastern Regional Cyclocross Championship Under 14 Girls title


MTB Eastern Regional Championships - Girls Juvenile Regional Champion title.

Lauren is also holds the CTC National Tourist Competition Winner Girl (under 19) 3rd year running.

Lauren is about to take part in some National MTB & TT and then the National Cyclocross.

What your pledges will pay for.

The money raised will only go to helping Lauren. This will help pay towards the maintenance of her bikes or new equipment for them as they wear out, entrance to competitions, travel and hotel accommodation for competitions and Ferry and accommodation in Belgium and Holland.


Lauren Would Like to thank you very much for reading this message and hopes you are able to help her. Though it is enough to cheer her along if you are ever at one of her races. More information about Lauren and her racing and upcoming events can be found on her website 

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