Help fund the first ovarian cancer screening tool

by Ovarian Cancer Action in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 21st December 2018 we successfully raised £7,265 with 101 supporters in 46 days

There is currently no screening tool to detect ovarian cancer at its early stages - help fund vital research to develop one, and save lives.

by Ovarian Cancer Action in London, England, United Kingdom

Cheri Percy 21st December 2018

To my darling Rainbow in the sky, a little something to help other women in the future not go through the pain and unknown you felt. Here's to a brighter future for ovarian cancer in 2019!

Madeleine Bland 20th December 2018

My oldest school friend died from Ovarian cancer in 2009. Like many women she had no idea of the symptoms (although I know that in recent years you have been doing a lot to publicise them) and it was diagnosed too late for her. This new screening tool would make such a difference.

Wayne clarke 20th December 2018

I totally support this idea as Ovarian cancer has been totally left behind by other types of cancers, this cannot be allowed to continue, we are shamefully behind other European countries in progress with this terrible desease,and how it effects family life,I know this first hand as I lost my wife to this disease in March this year aged 58.

Janet Margaret Porter 20th December 2018

My mother Margaret died 10 years ago on 1st January next from ovarian cancer. A screening tool might have saved her life. I donate this for myself, my daughter, my granddaughter and in memory of my mother.

Pamela Bonati 20th December 2018

I have just had a Debulking operation after 3months of tests to determine whether my spotting was Ovarian Cancer, it was Stage 3. Thank Hod for Ovarian Cancer Action

Paul John Appleby 8th December 2018

My partner has ovarian cancer, but did not find out till stage 3 . Even after going to the Doctors a year befor with swollen lymph glands !! The following returned to the same Docs with a swollen stomach to be treat for swollen bowl syndrome on this occasion ! Not being happy with this diagnosis she went to see a doctor at a local hospital , who told her recommended she went to A and I straight away ! This is when the tumour was found ! My point being when the main treatment treatment started . I picked up a leaflet on ovarian cancer to see as a lay man !!! Two of the main signs of ovarian cancer are you've guessed swollen glands or nodes and swollen stomach ! One was dismissed as nothing to worry about and the other treat for something else ! I think our local Docs should be given these leaflets. Also be made to read them so the correct treatment can be started at a earlier date for all these unfortunate people ! I must add this happened over nine years ago , so hopefully a lot has changed since then . Yours hopefully Paul John Appleby ! Ps Sue's treatment has been second to none on the NHS !

Kay Joel 5th December 2018

I was diagnosed with stage 2c ovarian cancer in 2014. I've just passed 4 years of being cancer free. Screening for ovarian cancer would mean that more women would survive ovarian cancer. I've no doubt that swift diagnosis and treatment literally saved my life.


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