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Vita Artes Academy want to provide opportunities to all individuals through FREE quality training in a specialist facility.

We did it!

On 19th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £680 with 24 supporters in 28 days


Provide opportunities to all.

Provide quality training.

Provide an environment that encourages positivity and creativity.

We need a specialist facility to be able to fulfil this aim of quality training to all, at no cost. We want you to follow us on our journey.

Our aim:

Our aim is to make quality performing arts training and opportunities available to everyone who wants to learn. 

To achieve this, we are looking to offer free classes, education and opportunities within the performing arts; we truly believe that everyone should be able to access training regardless of income or social background.

We are passionate about the quality of the environment and the training and encourage a friendly, safe and positive atmosphere. 

We teach our students- 'If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.'

Classes we would offer:

- Lyrical Street

- Musical Theatre

- Drama 

- Classical Singing

- Disco

- Contemporary

- Ballet 

- Tap

- Commercial

- Pop/Rock singing

- Zumba

- Irish 

- Latin

- Ballroom

- General fitness (DIIT)

- Music Tech/Production

-Technical Theatre (Lighting and Sound)


Vita Artes was created to make the arts accessible to all children and adults, no matter race, religion or income.

Both of us have been teaching for a number of years in the private and public sector and can see the huge pool of talent which exists in the state schools, and the corresponding lack of funding that is available to support and encourage these individuals and groups to develop and grow.

Having worked with such incredible, inspirational students and teachers over the years has made us extremely determined to create a school where everyone is welcome and can be helped to reach their full potential.

We aim to provide a safe, structured environment were people can relax, have fun, and help to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

If we were to ask for payment we would be excluding a large number of potential students who would not be able to afford such fees. It is hard for us to put into words our passion for this endeavor and hope that this is shown through our drive and determination for this project to succeed. The students we have already helped have shown us the difference this can make to peoples lives and we want to offer this opportunity to so many more. 

Who are we?

Vita Artes was previously run under the name 'REKA Dance and Fitness' but due to wanting to expand into all performance areas and encompass our passion behind the company we decided on the name 'Vita Artes'- meaning 'life skills' in Latin, outlining the importance of what performing arts can offer to our students. REKA Dance and Fitness has been a successful dance school within the area for the past year and a half run by Katie and Alex, both trained in all performance areas and currently working in schools. 

Why do we need you?

In order to achieve this aim we need to have a specialist facility which is accessible for us to use at all times. The problem with hiring facilities is that most have many other bookings, restricting the amount of classes we would be able to offer. It also does not provide an environment where people can feel at home as the location is more likely to change. We have calculated that we need 2 studios to run as many classes at the same time as we can. We will need finance to transform the space we are letting into specialist studios to provide the best experience and a place that is wearable and sustainable. 

Cost Breakdown:

- Building (to let)- Approx. £150,000 (over three years)

- Construction and renovation (into studios)- £30,000

- Dance mirrors, sprung floor, ballet barres- Approx. £70,000

- Sound system and lighting for performances and rehearsals- Approx. £20,000

- Plumbing (toilets/showers/kitchen facilities)- Approx. £15,000

- Air conditioning, heating, electricity, water and gas- Approx. £21,000 (Over 3 years)

- Security and CCTV- Approx. £5,000 (plus maintenance and running £7500 over 3 years)

- Repairs and Maintenance- Approx. £30,000(over 3 years)

- Resources/Costumes/Set/Props/Theatre Hire- £60,000 (Over three years)

- Any remaining money will go toward salaries for specialist teachers and experts in the industry.

In order to sustain this school we are asking for help to fund up to three years of our project- £500,000. At this point we hope to have engaged local sponsors, continued to fundraise locally and nationally and create other sources of income to support this mission. 

The Business:

Vita Artes is not aiming to create a business which turns over a high profit each year. Instead we will ensure that we cover our costs through fundraising, sponsorship, revenue from shows, hiring of facilities and external provisions. The money we have, will be carefully invested so we will able to earn interest which will help fund the school. We, as owners will take a salary which is proportional to the amount that we are able to raise and sustain. The amount we are asking for is £500,000 as we wish to be honest and transparent about the amount of money we need. We felt this would be more appreciated than creating a crowdfunder with a lower target and then having to ask for more money at a later stage. 

Stretch Target:

If we are able to exceed our target of £500,000 we will be able to construct a recording studio for our singers to record demos and help them to distribute to producers. Alongside we would like to create a music tech room with specialist equipment for our production students. We will also be able to create a specialist theatre, buy equipment such as cameras for our drama students and fast track our sports plans. 

Our plans in the future

We hope that we can provide as many opportunities to as many people as possible. Once we have been able to build and sustain this part of our venture we hope to open opportunities in the sports industry such as football and tennis coaching for free. These are both sports which are loved by many but not accessible to a high standard. 

The Team

Katie and Alex head up the entire venture with support from Stephen in finance and economic advice. There are also a number of dedicated deputies and experts who provide masterclasses in different areas. Katie and Alex have both been trained extensively and work within schools in the area.

Katie works at a state school, focusing on the performing arts and developing talent in this area. She has previously worked at a performing arts school where she met Alex. She has been the choregrapher for the past year of all REKA classes and will continue in this role as well as taking on new classes in singing, musical theatre and other styles of dance.

Alex works in a primary school office and has also previously worked at a performing arts school. He has worked mainly on administrative duties and will be moving out of this role in order to teach more over the next year, especially in singing, drama and technical theatre.

 All of those who help our project and make a pledge will be able to follow our progress through a video blog. You will be sent a link to this once our project has closed as we would love to keep in touch with our supporters. 

Hopefully, you share the same views as us regarding the performing arts, and how important it is that everyone is able to access them. We cannot stress the importance of your support for this project, as without you, this would not be possible. All that we ask from you is that you can help us as much as you can and spread the word, helping us gain continuous support, moving us closer to our target.

We would like to invite you to ask us any questions you may have regarding our project on or visit our website   

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