Help fund me to pass University

Help fund me to pass University

Help to fund a third year Mechanical Engineering student to achieve his dreams Final 2 months, require funding for food, transport, rent

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hey guys 

I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student from Madeira studying in Brighton. 

I am pleading for financial aid from the universe, I from a nonfinancially stable family, father has left me and mother is single unable to offer support, i have gone university to better my future and i have passed all my exams upto date with 64% average a 2.1 in BENG Mechanical engineering becoming the first in my family to graduate. 

I am in the final few months of my course with my dissertation to complete and various exams to study for I cannot afford to work right now at risk of failing and not getting the 2.1. However i am in a dire financial situation without moneyfor food, travel, bills. My loan covers some of my rent but im going to be left with months to pay of rent (2 to be precise).

Usually Ive worked the other years in trade jobs around the city aswell as summer jobs but right now im simply out of options and im risking failure with no options for a repeat as my loan wont be funded again if i fail.

I know this is a ridiculous claim but it can all be proven (my grades, debts, lack of cash)  upon request, I just need a helping hand from the community to help me through the final struggle ive tried so hard for 4 yesrs to achieve. 


I know this is blunt but I will leave it here as I think the intention is clear, a breakdown of how the donation will be used can also be offered on request.

I hope for some goodfaith from the community