Help fund Lewis' Type 1 Diabetes Medication

Help fund Lewis' Type 1 Diabetes Medication

Please help Lewis to raise £1,800 to fund a years worth of continues glucose monitoring (not on the NHS) for his Type 1 Diabetes.

We did it!

On 8th May 2017 we successfully raised £1,845 of £1,800 target with 39 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

With Lewis' stretch target we will use funds to extend the period of time we can fund this system, purchase other items needed for his diabetes including bags and special clothing. 

Meet Lewis.....

Lewis is 8 years old and was living a very normal childhood until November 2016.  Lewis became very sick and we had no idea what was wrong, after numerous visits to the GP each time Lewis was given anti-biotics and told he would get better after this course.  Lewis didn't get better, in fact Lewis got alot worse... On 14 November 2016  I took Lewis to hospital where he spent 5 days in resus diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  Our world had been turned upside down, with a newborn at home and an 11 year old I couldnt believe what was happening. 

Lewis no longer lives a normal childhood, as much as we try to make everything as normal as possible we cant go anywhere with out medication and continuous checks.  It has been a real struggle for Lewis adjusting to this lifestyle, going out for meals, people staring whilst you have to prick your finger to check your bloods and inject.  Until we came across continuos glucose monitoring, a system where by you can place a monitor on your arm and give it a quick scan which gives Lewis his glucose reading.  This can even be done over clothes so no one ever sees.  This was amazing and during a two week trial the transformation in Lewis was incredible.  The only hurdle was the cost, at £150 a month which is way out of our reach but a lifechanging item for our 8 year old boy.  Currently not funded on the NHS we have no option but to stick with the system we are currently using and Lewis constantly being concerned at who is looking at him.

We are looking for £1,800 to find Lewis' CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) system for a full year.  Lewis has had many scary points in the last 4 months, especially at night when monitoring is very difficult.  With a system like this in place we will be able to scan him whilst he sleeps with out being disturbed, at the moment this can be anything up to 4 times a night.

Please help my boy to live a much more normal childhood.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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