Jeremy and Corbyn - Help launch the print edition!

Jeremy and Corbyn - Help launch the print edition!

Help produce the first print-run of 'Jeremy and Corbyn: A Post-Truth Novel' by debut author Simon L Baxter.

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Help produce the first print-run of 'Jeremy and Corbyn: A Post-Truth Novel' by debut author Simon L Baxter.

  • The world's first 'Post-Truth' Novel - a work of literary 'faction'.
  • A tale told from left and right, youth and experience, Greece and Britain, hope and despair - a fictional re-telling of the struggles of 2015. 
  • Includes actual speeches and debates mischievously re-spun, exposing the inner development of the politics of our time.
  • A work a year in the writing from debut author Simon L Baxter.
  • Target to raise £1,000 to help print first paperback edition for independent book shops and to distribute review copies!
  • Preview the first three chapters at

A tale of historical and political ‘faction’ from debut author Simon L Baxter. 

The world’s first Post-Truth novel, 'Jeremy and Corbyn' is the answer to the challenge of the moment for political fiction writers everywhere. A fictional re-telling of the real events of 2015, including actual speeches and debates mischievously re-spun, the fictitious world of ‘Jeremy and Corbyn’ speaks a profound truth about the stranger-than-fiction political era we have now entered.

Friends since childhood, Jeremy and Corbyn grew up to be very different people, yet maintained their friendship through a combination of inertia and routine. Now all that is about to be put to the test.

Austerity Britain, the Scottish referendum, Labour’s general election defeat, the mass migration of refugees into Europe, the crisis in Greece, and, of course, the Labour Party leadership contest; around these tumultuous events a story is woven of an establishment in crisis; of hope and alienation; of Reform and Revolution.

Join Jeremy, Corbyn, a shadowy right-wing network known only as the ‘Inner Steel’, a Greek student named Amalia, and a cat called ‘El Gato’, as they navigate a period in political history where everything changed, and nothing would ever be quite the same again.


Simon L Baxter's 'Jeremy and Corbyn: A Post-Truth Novel', brings to life the opposing faces of reform and revolution that confront one other within the struggle against austerity, personified in the relationship of'Jeremy' and 'Corbyn'. 

That relationship is put to the test in the Labour Party leadership contest of 2015, and is illustrated by Baxter through actual material from speeches and debates. Two sub-plots broaden the central theme: the tale of Amalia, a Greek student caught up in the politics of the summer in Athens and London; and the tale of 'Inner Steel', a shady political conspiracy among Labour’s MP’s. 

Baxter shows that, ultimately, either Jeremy or Corbyn must prevail, drawing the outlines of what Corbynism is, and to where it can potentially lead. Baxter writes for an enthusiastic, Corbyn-supporting audience, awakened or re-awakened to politics, and prepared to think critically to defend the movement 'Jeremy' and 'Corbyn' have sparked into life.

What readers have said:

"An easily readable insight into the mechanism of the inner works of the parliamentary process inside the Labour Party, the rise of Corbyn and the socialist movement... Enjoyed learning more about the Greek political system and the referendum, particularly as seen from an insider's view. Love Amalia almost as much as Jeremy and Corbyn...  Almost brought tears to my eyes as I recalled JC's victory in becoming Labour leader. Gives me hope that in 7 days time he will become our Prime Minister! Such a well written and emotive novel - it is a must read for all Corbyn supporters. Well done, Simon!" Julie Renyard, Labour candidate for New Forest East

"Highly readable, wry narrative of the machinations and anxieties behind Jeremy Corbyn's nomination for leadership. All the characters are written in acid." Rosa Hachemi, "Single mum of two young adults, recently redundant due to Tory cuts."

"This is an excellent piece of writing putting across important points in a very readable and enjoyable and informative way. Really enjoyed reading it and will definitely purchase the final Novel. Thanks"  Anonymous Amazon review

"Fantastic writing - gripping read, I literally couldnt put this down last night! Also funny and thought-provoking. Thoroughly recommend! " Alex Govegan, Newcastle Upon Tyne Labour Party

Jeremy and Corbyn: A Post-Truth Novel - Interview with The Word

What’s it about?

The novel covers the period of the 2015 leadership contest, re-telling the events of that year from the point of view of Jeremy, inclined toward revolution, and Corbyn, who believes in slow and gradual reform. 

The central story is woven together with two additional threads: the machinations of a shady and secretive right-wing network embedded in the Labour Party known only as ‘Inner Steel’; and the adventures of a young Greek student, Amalia, who represents the awakening of youth to politics. A member of Corbyn’s constituency, she becomes embroiled in the two great political battles of the summer – the stand-off between Greece and the EU, and the fight for the Labour Party leadership.

Why did you write it?  

I began writing 'Jeremy and Corbyn' a few months after the first victory. For some time I have been disappointed with the apparent dearth of good, left-wing political literature available today, something which I thought surely should accompany a period of political and economic crisis such as that that has gripped Britain and the world in the past decade. It seems to me that the problem for authors of political fiction everywhere is that life itself that has become the real drama, and art has had to take a back seat, hence the ‘factional’ (or ‘post-truth’) nature of my work. 

By ‘faction’ I do not mean bias (although the novel is unambiguous in its loyalties), but rather that much neglected and troublesome genre of fiction that attempts to cast its net over real events and for good reason is usually labelled ‘historical fiction’, retracing the events of a dim and distant past, where controversy resolves itself in the university seminar.  I also felt compelled to write ‘Jeremy and Corbyn’ as a sort of settling accounts. My partner was expelled from the Labour Party very shortly after she joined, following Corbyn’s victory. The given reason was because she had been involved in a Marxist organisation when she was a student. The real reason, of course, was her support for the new leadership. She now is an NHS worker, and the way she was treated by some of the local party old guard, who were clearly threatened by her, was appalling. And despite ten years membership, I was expelled later in the summer of 2016 during the second contest, whilst I was adding the finishing touches to the book. Our experience was not isolated. It was the experience of thousands of Corbyn supporters everywhere; an experience I wanted to give a voice to in literature. For that reason a certain autobiographical element enters parts of the work, yet I hope that for many Corbyn supporters they will recognise something of themselves in these passages. 

The story of the ‘Inner Steel’, whose members seek at every step to sabotage Corbyn, should be quite recognisable to the reader who has followed British politics these past few years. The book seeks to make that connection between the person of Corbyn, his enemies in the PLP, and the experience of the ordinary people who have lived through the hot and cold civil war that his assent to the leadership initiated.  


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