Help fund Atiya's Master's in Cancer Biology

Help fund Atiya's Master's in Cancer Biology

I am raising funds for my Master's of Research in Cancer Biology at Imperial College London. I hope to join the fight against cancer by...

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I am raising funds for my Master's of Research in Cancer Biology at Imperial College London. I hope to join the fight against cancer by pursuing a career in cancer research. 

About me

Hello, my name is Atiya Sarmin, I am 22 years old and have just graduated from the University of Southampton in BSc Biomedical Sciences. I am born and raised in Portsmouth, have lived in Southampton for my undergraduate degree and now will be moving to London for my Master's. My undergrad degree has further inspired me to pursue a career in cancer research and by completing this Master's degree at Imperial College, I hope to fulfill my ambitions. 

I was first inspired to help in the battle against cancer when my grandmother was diagnosed with bowel cancer a few years ago. After being exposed to the immense effort and compassion the doctors, nurses and carers in the healthcare profession had delivered in the care for my grandmother, I quickly realised that this is something I want to be involved in.  Throughout my degree I realised that there are more ways to help cancer patients and patients at risk of cancer without being in the healthcare profession, and this is through research. 

The University of Southampton has really motivated me to be a part of cancer research in the labs. The University of Southampton leads the UK in cancer immunology research and are opening a Centre for Cancer Immunology in 2017. You can read about this new centre and can donate here

About my year at Imperial College

The Master's is a 1 year, full time course in Cancer Biology, and focuses on the cellular and molecular biological basis of cancer. It involves 2 research projects and a thesis for each project, which will all be very intense but it will be worth it! The course fees are £9800, all of which will be paid by Student loans. However, the loans are paid in installments and the fees are required to be paid in one full payment a month before the start of the course, Oct 1st 2016. I will be living in Halls accommodation very near the Hammersmith Campus, which will cost £229 a week for 51 weeks. Unfortunately,  I am in no financial position to afford this.

Financing this MRes degree is proving difficult, especially with the burden of undergraduate loans. Unfortunately, I had missed the deadlines for scholarships as I had decided to apply for this course very late in the academic year, and am now trying to fund the course in other ways. I have been working two part time jobs over the summer holidays (Clarks and Tesco), which will help pay maintenance costs, but I still have a long way to go! The student loan will help pay my fees, but I am still in financial need for accomodation, food and travel. 

I am hoping to do a PhD in cancer research after my Master's degree, hence it is so important I complete this year and gain as much experience as I can. I hope one day that I can be involved in the change to the way cancer is diagnosed, treated and prevented, hence this degree is so important to me. I am passionate, driven and hardworking, and I will not disappoint anyone who is supporting me through my journey!

I appreciate any donations that can be made and am grateful for all support and encouragement!

Please see my LinkedIn page if you would like to find out more about my academics:

Thank you :)

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