Help Fund Andy Dixon's General Election Campaign

Help Fund Andy Dixon's General Election Campaign

To help fund my campaign to stand as an Independent candidate in Rutherglen & Hamilton West in the 2017 General Election

We did it!

On 5th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £750 with 36 supporters in 35 days


My name is Andy Dixon and I'm looking for your help to help finance my campaign to stand as an Independent candidate for the Rutherglen & Hamilton West constituency in the General Election 2017.

Through this crowd funding initiative I hope to cover the following costs:

  • The deposit required to stand in the 2017 General Election (£500)
  • Printing of my campaign letter which is to be disseminated to the constituents of Rutherglen & Hamilton West by The Royal Mail’s free post Candidate Mail programme.
  • Other printed campaign materials.

Whilst the target appears quite high it is my hope that people will keep donating as any funds unused after the campaigning period will be donated to local charities within the Rutherglen and Hamilton West constituency.

To ensure complete transparency it is my intention that all expenditure will be made public with all receipts placed in the public domain.

If you are kind enough (very, very kind!!!) to donate more than £50 to my campaign, your name and address will be checked against the electoral register to ensure that you are eligible to donate. Your name, but not your address, will be made available by the council on request after the election.

Promoted by Andy Dixon on his own behalf, at 33 Gilbertfield Road, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire, G72 8XB

Thank you for your donation, your time and support.

Andy Dixon

Twitter: @afdindependent

What Counts as a Donation?

Sums UP TO AND INCLUDING £50 are not classed as donations by the Electoral Commission and ARE NOT subject to permissibility and traceability checks.

Sums over £50 are classed as donations. All donation over £50 WILL BE subject to permissibility and traceability checks.

For the purposes of facilitating my election campaign by mitigating the unnecessary administrative burden associated with permissibility and traceability checks PLEASE KEEP YOUR DONATION TO LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO £50.

Aggregation of Donations

If Mr. John Smith donates £30 and then makes a subsequent donation of £21 then the election rules interpret Mr. John Smith as having made a donation of  £51. Permissibility and traceability checks will have to be undertaken as the aggregated donation from Mr. John Smith is over the £50 threshold.

Anonymous Donations

!!Anonymous donations are actively discouraged!!

Anonymous donations are aggregated. Two or more anonymous donations are treated as a single entity so even though Person A has made an anonymous donation of £40 and Person B has made an anonymous donation of £20, the donations are treated as a single aggregate donation of £60.

Since it will be IMPOSSIBLE to carry out permissibility and traceability checks on anonymous donations then these donations will be returned to the person who transferred the donation, the financial institution used to transfer the donation and if neither of these can be identified the donation will be sent to the Electoral Commission who will pay the sum of money in to the Governments Consolidated Fund.

Donations Over £50

If donations over £50 are made by a permissible donor the following additional information must be included with the donation:

  • The donor’s name and address (as stated on the Electoral Register)
  • If the donor is a company, their registered company number

Donation Rules and Guidance

The Electoral Commission has laid down rules and guidance regarding crowd funded political campaigns. If you do decide to kindly donate then please read the following guidelines carefully before doing so.

Who Can Donate?

An individual registered on the UK electoral register as well as other entities as noted on Page 21 of the Electoral Commissions guidance regarding Spending and Donations for Candidates and Agents.

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