Help for young EX-JWs
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A money pot for young (or old) ex-Jehovah's witnesses who had to leave everyone and everything behind for their freedom.

by Mariusz Grzybowski in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Young adults, when they reach an age of independence, seek out to become themselves: it's a completely normal path of life and everyone should have the ability to do so.

Unfortunately for young Jehovah's witnesses it's not so easy. Most of them have been brought up, downright indoctrinated in the faith since birth, and abandoning those belief amounts not only to changing one's entire world view, but what's also expected is for their family and friends to shun them.

With those heavy although unfair repercussions many end up in the real world with no safety net a family would normally provide. They end up alone and they are the only ones fighting for themselves. I personally have experienced that fight, and it is truly brutal.

People take many things for granted, and financial safety is one of them. I would like to mobilise our community, our true friends and family, to help those less fortunate out. The idea is that with full transparency from all parties, the money can go towards that missed car payment or rent due to a lost job, or towards food for the week for those even less fortunate. The kind of thing a parent would normally help with, that's what we're here to provide for our community.

Let's support each other in this greatest of battles, the great tribulation one might call. Let's show them how a real donation box should work!

The money pot will accept international requests for a part of it once set up. The requests will ask where the money is going, and will work on a honesty basis with minimal proof necessary, with feedback on how the money pot helped you appreciated.

Everyone who donates can sign up for a newsletter, of where their money has gone, and what it helped achieve.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide, no matter how small, we love you!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Personalised updates

Would you like to know where your money is going, and who it's helping out? Just let us know, and as long as you have donated, we'll keep in touch!

£100 or more

Part of the process

As you are donating a significant amount, your money goes to where you want it to go. We'll provide suggestions of requestees, and you can choose where it goes.

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