Help for Viv

Help for Viv

Resently my loving and caring Nan, lost most of her sight. I have started this crowfunder page to help towards Home adaptions to try help.

We did it!

On 28th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £250 with 5 supporters in 11 days

Hello all, 

Recently my loving caring and wonderful nanny Viv, has lost most of her sight. Her life has saddening and dramatic changes. She has now been registered blind and lost her independence. I have searched for grants ect to help with adaptions to try give her some independence back with unfortunately no luck. All money raised will fund equipment for her such as liquid levels indicators, magnified glass, large button phone, talking clock, a lighting equipment.

Everything is darkness for my poor nan, everything is shadows.

Any money left over will be spent on gifts for her such as new pyjamas, slippers, toiletries ect. 

All I can do is try, so I reach out to all her family to ask for help. Anything even small will greatly appreciated. Also if anyone would like to purchase something she might need and send to me. Please contact me by email

Many thanks Jade 

Items from Amazon 

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