Help for Vierek, rehabilitation needed urgently!!!

by beforeiafter in Poland

Help for Vierek, rehabilitation needed urgently!!!
We did it
On 13th October 2018 we successfully raised £203 with 14 supporters in 28 days

We aim to gather the money for urgent rehabilitation for Vierek, guy with quadriplegic paresis after motorbike accident on 30th of August.

by beforeiafter in Poland

Thank you guys!!!! We have a good start! The most amazing is the fact that people all around the world unite to help Lukasz:))[0]=68.ARAt9AnQ2vXBgwmRwp_enShrz7-If-BSKCqTKvxnnH10r4ravIyNabPOX-NjKTtG8I9iSERLzn_dPO4x5upjR6HqrUjl3M5uhufCCTqtfOiX0ztZ5JH8DL7--3DZid1LXccoFdaqKC4OEWIe7wkLaYpGaYNwE_Zl_NvXIaxXDYMiaJangJc5&__tn__=kCH-R


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