Help for vets fees.

Help for vets fees.

I'm raising funds to help pay my emergency vets bill for taking in and looking after our pet kitten Biscuit, who was tragically ran over.

We did it!

On 27th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £280 with 17 supporters in 28 days

It comes as a total shock to us all, that our little Biscuit lost her life so young, as she had just started going out to play. I got a call whilst I was at work that she had been brought in to the vets to which she was registered, and as an emergency as the vets had closed for Business. I asked the vets to do the xrays and try all they could to make her better. Unfortunately, her injuries were so bad I was advised it would have been cruel to keep her living. It broke my heart, as Biscuit was our little baby. We had her from 6 weeks old, and she would have been 7months old the day after it happened.

Everything seemed to happen so quickly, and I got my daughters to get to the vets and see her as soon as possible. They were there when she got put to sleep, I was on the phone talking to her and she gently touched my daughters faces as she lay there.

Unfortunately for me, I had not arranged pet insurance as yet. This means I have to pay for the care she received and for her cremation, which is exactly the amount I am trying to raise. 

I would like to have her ashes back with her family, and any help towards this will be appreciated.

The young vet that saw her was so traumatised himself, I gave him the greatest hug when I saw him. He's been a vet for a number of years, and he comes across this often but non as bad as our Biscuit. I mentioned crowdfunding to help with my fees, but also to help others who find themselves in this situation. As far as I know, there are no charities that help with this. And if I can raise any awareness to help others will be a bonus.

The driver that ran over Biscuit probably didn't even see her as she appeared to have lost her glow collar, or maybe they did and didn't care as it happened not far from our house and I see how reckless drivers can be on a very tight road. 

I am hoping to raise awareness so drivers take caution, especially in residential areas, where there will be small animals crossing the road. As a human I've waited 5 mins to cross my road, as drivers just don't stop.

We will never get our funny, sweet cuddly cat back, but I can see that she doesn't die in vain. 

Love you our little purry friend, and thank you for your short life.

And thank you to you all for your help.

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