Help for our little Stan IVDD treatments

by Tom Williams in Rustington, England, United Kingdom

Help for our little Stan IVDD treatments


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Anyone who knows Stan, knows that he's a little legend. Being more human then dog, he loves nothing more than a snooze on the sofa or chowin...

by Tom Williams in Rustington, England, United Kingdom

Anyone who knows Stan, knows that he's a little legend. Being more human then dog, he loves nothing more than a snooze on the sofa or chowing down a fresh bowl of stew and dumplings. He loves everyone he ever meets and will happily sit on a stranger lap as long as they give him plenty of attention. He's a major part of our family to the point where he's considered the 5th brother.

However little Stanley (Chicken to his close friends) had an unexplained accident on Sunday afternoon of 26th July. Just walking across the kitchen floor his back legs started to give way to the point where he couldn't walk properly.

After we tried to figure out what was wrong, we decided to take him to the emergency vets. After examining him they suggested it could be an issue with a trapped nerve within a disc in his spine causing his back leg to be slightly paralysed. They decided to give him some anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication and keep him over night. 

We returned the next day and there was no improvement in his condition and we were informed that he would be urgently referred to a neurological specialist and they suspected it was case of IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease).

After a lengthy discussion with the specialist they advised that Stan will need to have a MRI scan and most likely spinal surgery to fix the issue with the trapped disc in his spine. After that he will have to stay under 24 hour observation for 3-7 days and will have to go through weeks of rehabilitation so he can get back to walking normally again.

The cost for all of this is between £5,000 - £6,000.


My Mum (Sue or Suzie to the people that know her) loves this dog wholeheartedly for the past 6 years from when she had to hand-rear him when he was born, after he was rejected by his Mother, to having to watch him struggle to walk today in the garden to go to the toilet.

She has had her own medical issues and she was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She struggles with pain every day and can just about manage a part time admin job to pay her bills. However, she hasn't been able to work in the last few months due to COVID 19 and being classed as a vulnerable person. 

With her current financial situation there's no way she can afford all of these costs to help Stan. I believe a person shouldn't have to chose to lose a best friend due to it being the cheaper option.

My Mum, all her life has helped other people and is one of the most selfless human beings I know and would never ask for help herself. But after seeing the emotional distress she's had to endure the last few days I decided any help people can give, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated. 

So, thank you for taking the time to read Stan's story and if you are able to donate anything thanks for that too x


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