Help for our best friend, Trufi

by Diána Czapáry in Wallasey, England, United Kingdom

Help for our best friend, Trufi


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Our crazy boy, Trufi, has always been active.Adopted from our local rescue shelter when he was only a pup, he has been with us now for over ...

by Diána Czapáry in Wallasey, England, United Kingdom

Our crazy boy, Trufi, has always been active.

Adopted from our local rescue shelter when he was only a pup, he has been with us now for over 3 years and has grown into the most loving, intelligent, charismatic and charmingly sassy little doggy. Every morning he’s bouncing out of bed, buzzing with enthusiasm, and ready to run, jump, hop, skip and roll his way around the day’s adventures. He’s playful and energetic, friendly with all humans, and has been an excellent mentor to our other rescue dog, Moño, who has blossomed into a wonderful boy too thanks to the help of his adopted brother.

Unfortunately, around two months ago we began to notice that Trufi wasn’t his usual bouncy, jumpy self. He seemed to be in pain when he walked. After numerous visits to the vet, and never finding a cause or a working solution, the pain continued to increase. Last week he worsened still, and became absolutely unable to walk or stand.

After some more emergency tests, we discovered that he had broken the ligament in his left knee. He needed surgery. Because of the ligament damage he has already developed arthritis, and has probably been living with severe pain for months. He will now have to take medication every day for the rest of his life.

During the operation, it was found that the ligaments in his other knee are broken too. He is facing yet more surgery and a lengthy recovery period, during which he won’t be able to run, jump, play or live in that special crazy way he has always lived.

We want our Trufi to be healthy, happy and express his doggy-ness in the way we know and love. However, since the medical costs are already in excess of £2400, it is going to be a huge challenge for us to be able to provide the care that he needs. We kindly ask you please, if you can, spare anything that will help our crazy little doggy get better again.

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