Help for Nutrition at home

Help for Nutrition at home

The new project I am working on is Nutrition at Home. There are so many people out there that need nutrition help but can not seek help

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a qualified nutritionist and I work globally providing meal plans to help with weight loss and manage illnesses. I also work in clinics helping with diabetes, heart patients and much more.

Now there are a number of people out there that just do not know where to turn to help with health issues such as obesity, diabetes, kidney issues and many more issues. And many of these people are stuck at home and unable to seek help. GP's are not trained in nutrition and therefore they need a specialist.

I would like to make a change and help people. The project is called 'Nutrition at home' The aim is to help people that can benefit from nutrition advice to improve their health in the comfort of their homes. There is already an established project in USA doing this and I would like to replicate this in Europe.

I am looking for funding to help with marketing this project as well as build the project to help unfortunate  people improve their lives and live life to the full with the right help, advice and guidance.

I work under the umbrella of my business which is Feel free to take a look.