Help for manchester blast

Help for manchester blast

Help the Victim's families, We want to Help the victim's of the Manchester blast

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Help for Manchester 

A deadly bombing struck an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night. Traumatized fans, including children, screamed and ran. Parents separated from their children during the mayhem were told to go to nearby hotels, where many concertgoers had taken refuge.

On May 22 just after 22:30 local time, an explosive device was detonated at the Manchester Arena. At the time the venue was emptying following an Ariana Grande concert, and it is believed that a suicide bomber was responsible for the blast in the foyer, killing at least 22 people and injuring many more.

We╩╝re raising £22,517 to help the families and loved ones of those affected by the tragic events at Manchester Arena.

The police are also calling on people to donate blood in the wake of the attack, with the donation centre in South Manchester at Plymouth Grove, Manchester M13 9LL

If you are searching for a friend or relative, two numbers have been set up for the emergency, they are 0161 856 9400 or 0161 856 9900.

Please donate here and show your love towards Manchester all the money raised is for Birtish Redcross Association