Help for Hannah

Help for Hannah

To support the process of bringing my late sister home from New Zealand.

We did it!

On 22nd Nov 2017 we successfully raised £6,110 of £5,500 target with 169 supporters in 28 days

This goes against my better judgement and sense of obligation, but I don't know what else to do and don't have anyone else to ask. My sister passed away suddenly in New Zealand last weekend and I have searched high and low for a medical insurance email and/or certificate. I have traveled to New Zealand and now have to return to the UK, but it would appear that the last policy she had expired just under a month ago. I have paid for her to be brought home and it is my responsibility to do so. I don't want to create a feeling that if no one helps she will be stuck, but the costs continue to spiral and there are more waiting for me when she arrives home. I have spoken with some close friends who have mixed opinions about this approach, but thought it might be worth a try (read: I hate the idea). I have also set a target that is too much to ask for, who knows. 

I don't have a reward that I can think of, but I will try to think of something in the coming few days.

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