Funeral for a Friend

by bisonhdqface in Sunderland

Funeral for a Friend
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As you will no doubt be aware legendary sunderland guitarist and dear friend to many passed away on Friday October 30th. Richard left...

by bisonhdqface in Sunderland

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Stijn Druyts 15th November 2015

Leatherface and Dickie have been a lifelong inspiration for me... since the early 90's, they have never failed to amaze! RIP Dickie, and Rock On!

A_Zammit 11th November 2015

As I cannot make the funeral of the Beast and celebrate his legendary life with his mates, much to my added sadness, I feel compelled to write here on this page (thank you bisonhdqface for setting it up). Spent many joyous and berserk years in this mans irresistible company , as drummer in his band (Jones), on tour with him as soundman for Ten Benson, Stokoe, Art Brut, or with Dog**s, and beyond. Never ever a dull moment. Dickie, you were one of the funniest f***ers I ever did meet. Mostly intentionally, but sometimes not. I reckon we could/should all write a massive book of Dickie-isms. (For example, Dickie: "Andy son, have you seen the Green Mile? You have to see it. It is absolutely without any shadow of a doubt the best film I've ever seen like". Me: "What? Even better than Shawshank?" Dickie: "Fook off son, don't be daft. It's not as good as that!". Or that time in Burghausen where you played a Stokoe gig in the promoters wheelchair, addressed everyone as Fritz, and fell asleep in the river Salzach ). But beyond that, also a true unparalleled sweetheart. A f'ing true punk rock huggable monster that put your peers to shame. Clearly your machine could not handle the zeus-dom your huger than life soul subjected it to. See you on the other side you lovely cont. xxxxpowerslurpxxxx

stu Reilly 6th November 2015

Camaaaaaaaaaan tiger boat, knocking tunes out faster than a panda's [email protected], Zeus and the pantheon of pumas getting their faces pealed off by the power of the punk rock bowl, Olympus is looking like a Niki Lauda chaos convention, the mad apple, is the new nectar of the gods!!!!! You made me laugh like no other human being could every time i seen you Dickie . You were nothing but positive about everything your mates wanted to do and were always there to Give a hug and compassion when needed. A comedian, a guitar god, a wonderful friend to many. You've left a massive hole in this world son. ( Roughly about the size of the honey monster) Love you to bits, always have, always will, a total one off king of the bowls. XXX

Kulturgruppe Bielefeld 6th November 2015

shocking and incredibly sad news. Dickie, you have been part of our lives for the past 25 years or so,! We will miss you a lot, as a musician and as a person . We are sending strength and best wishes to family and friends! Kulturgruppe Bielefeld, Germany

Robert Marsters 6th November 2015

I saw only saw Leatherface and H.D.Q a couple of times but the influence on the punk rock I listen to is amazing. Dickie's guitar influenced all the bands I listen to. To see the him play live is an honour.

Jasonjward 5th November 2015

If only, If only - such amazing songs inspired me for so long - from first hearing HDQ on John Peel, until the latest album, with the guitar at the centre of it all........

welshdan 5th November 2015

I first met Dickie in his "London years" living in New Cross. He took me and my friend Ryan under his wing and many priceless hours were spent at weird house parties and bars listening to great music and sinking a few jars. After Dickie moved back north I wasn't to see him again for many years but was lucky enough to see a reformed Doctor bison in Newcastle. Sheba had put on a few pounds but he was still the same Dickie. A thought that keeps recurring to me is a time when somebody once suggested I audition for a t.v presenting role. "Son" said Dickie " I think you'd make a great TV presenter". I could have said I was thinking of becoming an astronaught and Dickie would have encouraged me with genuine sincerity. I think that's why his death has touched so many people. A lovely man and a great guitarist. Sleep well lad.x

Joey Catalina 5th November 2015

RIP Dickie, an amazing and influential guitarist and by all accounts a real character & lovely bloke. You've certainly left your mark on history in playing on one of the greatest albums of all time.

Will Montgomery 5th November 2015

Dickie was one of my favorite guitarists. Mush is one of those rare albums that helped shape my life and see through tough times. I was fortunate enough to get to see him and Leatherface play in 2010 and talked to him afterwards. Gracious, friendly. Rest well Dickie.

Pete_Lyons 4th November 2015

F**k sake! There is now a huge, Dickie Hammond sized hole in the world that will never be filled. Dickie mate, It's been an absolute blast and a privilege to have known you. You have no idea how many hearts and minds you touched and how many of us loved you. See you on the other side.


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