Help for Family In South Africa

by Raymon Dean Rathbone in Reading, England, United Kingdom

Help for Family In South Africa


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Thank you for reading this. I'm in desperate need of help for my family whom are still living in South Africa. I moved to the UK in 2019 t...

by Raymon Dean Rathbone in Reading, England, United Kingdom

Thank you for reading this. 

I'm in desperate need of help for my family whom are still living in South Africa. 

I moved to the UK in 2019 to better my life and support my mother that suffers from COPD and other illnesses lists long. My sister with her two children aged 12 and 8. They are is dire need of help as am I. 

I send them money every month that I work for. I have been put on furlough and only receiving 80% of my salary which is £18200 a year. My mother is on oxygen and the government food parcels don't get to my mother or sister and the kids due to affirmative action. I have sent every cent I have left and tried all options to get access to emergency funding to help my family until I can get them in the UK. But due to covid19 all visas are paused. Flights I cannot afford. Its a terrible situation for my whole family.

My mother desperately needs medical and food supplies as she cannot be exposed to public. The children and my sister have sold pretty much all they own to survive and my sister was left without work when her company made 70% of the staff redundant.

I need help please. Please assist with whatever you can. Help me save my family.

Thank you

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