Help for Dimitris' Athens street cats

by Morag Cameron in Galashiels, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Dimitris lives in Athens and works tirelessly to help ill and abused street cats. Please help him save lives.

by Morag Cameron in Galashiels, Scotland, United Kingdom

My friend Dimitris

I am reaching out to everyone out there who has visited Greece, and who knows what conditions are like for Greek street cats.

My name is Morag and I am a good friend of Dimitris. I live in Scotland, Dimitris in Greece.

Dimitris does not like to ask for help, so I am doing it for him, because he desparately needs it.

Care for street cats

Dimitris lives in Athens, and is a cat angel. He is single-handedly looking after all the street cats where he lives, and he is the only one keeping them alive. 

Most of the street cats he cares for have ongoing illnesses, due to neglect and untreated infections in kittenhood.

Dimitris cares that they are suffering, and does everything he can to help.  

He has been doing this for 11 years now, and is really struggling with ever-increasing food and hefty medical costs. 

Some of the more vulnerable cats he is able to offer shelter to in the building where he lives, others he looks after on the streets, where they are always in danger. 

He is often heart-broken, but keeps going tirelessly. 

How can you help?

So far, Dimitris has been meeting the hefty costs of this care by himself, and with the compassionate help of a couple of others. A few loans have also been involved. 

Now Dimitris has faced a compulsory re-location, with all the difficulties and cost that brings. 

The costs of care for the street cats are ongoing and very heavy. 

Dimitris has no charity status or funding - he desperately needs our help.

Your donations

Your donation will help with:

  • Vet bills
  • Cost of special medicine
  • Food

Below are Dimitris' own words about some of his beloved cats.

Dimitris' cats

"The Little Ones are my main concern, and it is my responsibility to make sure they are safe.

Most of the animals I care for are infected with serious illnesses, and came from the streets of Athens.

All have been sterilized and receive their yearly vaccines, but a lot of their illnesses just crop up. 

The street is a very dangerous place for cats, with illnesses perhaps being the least of the problems these animals have to face when living outside. 

I've had many rescued cats who just never returned home - occasionally I find their bodies by the side of the road, or sometimes a rumour will spread about that 'old man' who has been killing cats with poison at night.

I do everything I can to keep them safe."


"Gatou has been suffering from an incurable mouth infection for three years now, on top of her peritonitis and leuchaemia.

I regard it as a miracle that we have been able to prolong her life for so long via monthly injections and antibiotics."


"Tigrakos, now a diabetic cat requiring two injections of insulin per day, has also suffered from skin issues (ulcers that healed extremely slowly and after a lot of treatment), plus very serious urinary tract issues."


"Marios suffers from a chronic mouth infection. He lives on the street, and he has been sterilized, but is too wild to come indoors.

I feed him every day with soft food, which I prepare in the blender. I can slip medication into his food, when he needs it.

He is now a constant presence here, waiting for me to bring him his meal every day."


"Pipi's beautiful life ended just last month, with a peritonitis-weakened immune system slowly giving way to a combination of problems, including a respiratory infection, a weak heart and cancer.

I am heartbroken. My care of her was daily and multifaceted, and it became my main concern that she ended her precious life without pain, which has cost a great deal.

Pipi passed away in my hands."

Every life is precious

"I take pride in being able to remember each and every little soul that I have ever looked after.

I am blessed to have learnt beyond all doubt that animals, still widely believed to be ‘things’, are truly sentient beings filled with a special love, light, affection, and gratitude."

We need your help 

These are just a few of the many cats that Dimitris is supporting. New cats turn up often, perhaps dumped on Dimitris' doorstep or found in the street needing help. He has just told me that 2 new young ones have been added to his flock. 

Please help Dimitris lighten the load for his beloved street cats, and help restore his faith in humanity.

Any support would be most gratefully received.

Thank you.

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