Help Fondo deterMND

Help Fondo deterMND

For the first time ever we're using the Biannual Challenge to raise funds for a very worthy cause in deterMND!!

We did it!

On 23rd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £640 of £500 target with 20 supporters in 28 days

Many reading will know every year there is a Bananual Challenge. What started out as a perpetual stag do, quickly turned into a differing sort of punishment and has resulted in Bananas running marathons, cycling the length of Ireland, canoeing the along and around Ireland, climbing mountains and on one less challenging year, ahem, riding horses around beaches in Donegal!!

This year for the first time ever we will be raising funds for a very worthy cause in deterMND. deterMND was established by team Anto Finnegan to raise awareness and funds to invest in research into motor neurone disease. Hopefully some day soon research will find a way to successfully combat the disease. 

What we start, we finish!! One of the objectives this year is to raise (at least) a moderate amount in support of deterMND and it's objectives.  Full details of the trust can be found @  If you could help us reach this target (or go beyond) it'd be greatly appreciated.

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