A Fluorescent Sky - Additional Funding For Film

by Harry Tomlin in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom


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Additional funding needed for community-based feature film after the effects of COVID-19 brought a halt to production.

by Harry Tomlin in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This extra money will allow us to do everything really comfortably and effectively. Without having to cut corners or invest as much of our own personal money into safety measures.


Due to COVID-19, our production team had to drop everything and postpone production just before everything was ready to shoot. We lost a lot of time, money, cast, crew and resources... But we're not letting that stop us! With safety measures in place and a dedicated team all with a passion to tell this story, we have worked over the last 2 months to get this film ready to shoot again. But we need your help.

We start shooting this film on the 13th September 2020, and in order to make it happen and ensure we can do it safely, we need to re-raise £3000. This money will be vital in order to enable us to:

  • Provide separate accommodation for cast and crew;
  • Prepared food safely and separately;
  • Making up for the budget lost to COVID-19;
  • Re-hiring kit and equipment;
  • Enforcing safety precautions on set to keep everyone safe.

This crowdfund campaign is aimed at those with the money and means to help us out at this difficult time. Businesses, brands, individuals. We want to foster partnerships whereby we can help promote your brand with our platform, able to use your money to make our project happen.


‘A Fluorescent Sky’ is a story about parenthood, independence, loneliness and the changing landscape of our own high streets. The film follows Hector, a widower who owns a corner shop with his young daughter Cleo. Hector has a great fear of the outside world and the dangers it poses. As a result, he confines  Cleo to the corner shop and their apartment for much of her life, homeschooling her and letting her help around the store instead. With the threat of a new ‘Hypermark’ opening, Hector battles for the store’s survival while Cleo longs for the world beyond.

The high street is dying as we know it. More and more stores close every day leaving a wasteland of empty shops. Around 5853 high street stores closed down in 2018, that's 16 every day! And not enough new ones are opening in their place. We've seen here it in Bournemouth and across the country. Independent businesses struggle with new consumer habits, the internet, and corporate chains bulldozing over them. And so we feel it is the perfect time to make a film like this and showcase these issues.


RENTING OUR SHOP!! We have secured a lovely high street location right in the heart of Bournemouth, in the Triangle. This will be our main set, filling it with all the amazing products and designs to create this one of a kind shop. We originally had everything ready to move into a different store before lockdown, so the money will really help rebuild our set and make it even better than before!


We will be opening the shop up to the public as an art installation to showcase the work of the many artists who contributed designs and to highlight how important physical spaces are on our high street! Public tickets are already available and there will be a private VIP access day which is one of our campaign rewards!


Back in April, the entire cast gathered for a full virtual read-through of the script. 82 pages, 2 hours, and 20 Zoom accounts later, we made our way through. It was so amazing to see the script come to life and to create something positive and productive in these trying times. This will be so beneficial going into the shoot!


We've had to get far too used to video calls. Everything over the past few months has been done remotely. Weekly meetings, phone calls and organisation all done from the comfort of our bedrooms during lockdown. This has been incredibly difficult for not just us, but everyone in the world to adjust to. We have pushed ourselves to do the most with what we have and got this film back up and running as a result.


Making our set as safe and clean as possible is the single most important thing. Our Director, Harry, enrolled in a ScreenSkills online course to learn more about Coronavirus and how to combat it on set. He and our Producer, Jack, have been hard at work drafting a unique COVID policy for the entire cast and crew.


These kinds of policies and precautions don't make anything cheaper though; individual catering, separate accommodation, staggered entrances and exists to any location, strict measures to ensure cleanliness. All of this adds to the budget where it wouldn't have before, so more money will allow us to keep everyone safe and pave the way for future film sets looking to do the same.


There was an incredible "own brand" design that Sainsbury's launched for their products in the 1970s. This has inspired the whole look of the shop. We don't want to try and copy existing corner shops but rather create something wholly original to the film. Although there will be this vintage influence, the film will still appear to be set in the modern-day. These two aspects combined will produce a timeless quality to the film that stays with people long after the film has finished.

We already have a small army of graphic designers who have all been submitting different designs for different products, all under the retro umbrella but each with their own unique style. The shop is being filled as we speak and we can't wait for you to see it!


We want as many people as possible to experience these amazing designs and this one of a kind set. So we are also opening the shop as an exhibition for a few days after filming is complete. This will allow everyone to step into our one of a kind store and experience a vibrant, community celebrating local shop that our highstreets are missing. Tickets are available from this link! We also have a private VIP access day to this exhibition which is available as a campaign reward!


This money will help us so much! With such an ambitious project, there are so many costs that rack up and catch you by surprise, especially in uncertain and unprecedented times such as these. Any amount of money will help us ensure that this film gets made in the best way and the safest way possible. Please pass this around to any other business or individual that you feel would be as passionate as us about this project.

Let's make 'A Fluorescent Sky - Additional Funding For Film' happen

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