Help us buy Florence a wig

Help us  buy Florence a wig

I would like to buy my cancer sufferer friend Florence a wig that matches her old long auburn lock. The social security won't cover it

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello, my name is Cathy, I am on the right of the photo.
I have set up this page to help my friend Florence, on the left in the photo.

Florence has been diagnosed with cancer of the lymph and lost all her hair within 6 weeks of starting her chemio treatment. She also gained a lot of weight because of the cortisone she must take.

Florence used to have amazing long auburn locks. The French Social Security only pays €125 for her wigs but the cheapest one, that in the photo, costs €250. 

Cancer sufferers need to be able to enjoy a normal life as much as the disease allows it, so for a woman, feeling good and lookging good is a big part of the healing process.
Florence is a beautiful peson that has helped many in her life time and has never asked anything back.
She is a truely kind and humble human being, a rarity. 
Through this project, I want to show her that she is not isolated and that there are lots of human beings who share her story and show empathy.

To get Florence her beautiful locks back, we need more money and this is why I have set up this page, behind her back. So don't tell her!

I thank you enormously in advance, you are great.
Warm regards,