Help flo to survive!

Help flo to survive!

For a scan and treatment to help flo the puppy survive..

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Flo was born 14 weeks ago from a litter of 4 and was the only one to survive. But sadly she was born with one eye and fluid on her brain, not all her teeth and a few nuralogical problems. The breeder was going to dump her somewhere, but my mum said no way and took her in. My mum took her to the vets and that's when she found out the problems flo really has. Sadly my mum really can not afford the scan and treatments flo needs. So that's why we are trying to raise money for her. 

To look at flo you can see she is poorly, but she's such a happy playful loving girl who loves cuddles and playing with my mums jack Russell. We really don't want flo to get any worse that she has to be put to sleep. She deserves a fighting chance. She's had a rough start off in life but now she is happy where she is and we want to keep it that way! 

So please help flo to survive anything small or big will help us to get to our goal and give her the chance she deserves xx