by Mohammed Perwaze in United Kingdom

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Exposing Police Corruption, Breaches in Legislation and Challenging Right of Anonymity after making Serious Vexatious allegations.

by Mohammed Perwaze in United Kingdom

I am a former Police officer with over two decades in service and wish to seek public funding to pursue claims against the very Service I once proudly served. 

I was arrested in 2017 after vexatious allegations were made against me of a very serious and sexual nature by a trainee solicitor. I was wrongly charged with 19 indictable offences that were fully denied and that I was innocent of and held on Remand, despite several bail attempts. This followed with a further unfounded charged one month thereafter. I maintained my innocence throughout and when I refused to Plea bargain, I was informed that if convicted I would serve a life in prison. You cannot imagine what life was like for me, as a serving Police Officer in Prison with people I had also charged there. I was finally fully exonerated of all indictments after 328 days held on Remand; when having found that the victim had destroyed evidence and had asked solicitor colleagues to lie to police on her behalf. The Prosecutor proclaimed witnesses’ evidence was at ‘BEST’ unreliable. 

Despite my full exoneration there were reporting restrictions in place for 6months or on conclusion of an investigation ordered by the court for police into investigate the witnesses and self-proclaimed victim for Perjury / Pervert offences. I’m sure you can imagine the devastating impact this has had and is continuing to have upon me – I have been unable to share this information and struggled to seek employment. In the fist instance it is my belief that it was completely wrong for the same Police Service who protected the witnesses and sought a conviction against me were now ordered in carrying out the investigation. I can confirm to no surprise that they failed to bring any of their witnesses, who perverted the course of justice to account. 

The evidence I will provide will support claims that individuals within the Police Service and those prosecuting this matter had failed in their duties and obligations to conduct a fair and impartial investigation without malice, which included their duty to provide full disclosure during my trial. There have been many issues, but I wish to pursue claims of Breaches of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE), Breaches of the Criminal Investigation Act (CPIA) as well as Data Protection and Disclosure in accordance with the CPIA disclosure rules, Breaches of my Human Rights and Police Corruption. I must stress this is not a reflection on other officers, but those who I consider to be the ‘Bad Apples’.

In addition, I seek to expose the truth behind the vexatious and horrific allegations of abuse and violence made against me by the very person who is now protected by the 'victims' right to anonymity.

It is a disgraceful tale of misdemeanour that would shock many and once proceedings begin, I sincerely hope to have your continued support. I can confirm the Press Association are keen to follow and report my application and will make it publicly available, in the meantime please view this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-tyne-48109022 release presented in 2018.

It is one of the travesties of our criminal justice system that those who make palpably false allegations retain that status which I seek to challenge and expose. However; because of the nature of the allegations against me, there will be a severe limit on what could be reported - and how it could be reported - because of 'victims' right to anonymity; I must therefore seek to lodge my application as soon as practicable. 

Recommendations were made upon conclusion of my three-week trial to seek an application for a miscarriage of justice, but to date, there has been no justice or culpability for those who sought to deceive, cheat, lie and flaunt the Law. 

As an innocent person, the publicity of my case was widely advertised throughout the UK and this alone made my case more difficult to defend. This has been the most difficult time my family and I have ever had to endure and there have been many times that I have struggled to deal with the traumas I have suffered as a result.

I lost my job, had my liberty taken from me, held in prison pending a trial, lost my family in the process and became homeless on acquittal; all as a result of unfounded, vexatious and unproven allegations. This has had a huge impact upon me and my family and I seek justice against the person(s) who colluded and used the judicial system to destroy the lives of many others. 

I have serious concerns that others will fall foul of vexatious allegations, as CPS continue to bridge the gap between rape allegations and convictions, resulting in many people suffering the same fate that I did, who could easily spend the rest of their lives in prison – as innocent men.

Although I fully support genuine rape victims being heard, and taken seriously; It is only through transparent lawful investigations will we ensure Justice prevails.

I wish to pursue this at a civil court to expose the failing in our system and so this does not happen to anyone else ever again. Both the proclaimed victim and officers who sought to bend the law for their own personal achievements and prejudices must answer to what they have done. They are getting away with this and it must stop; this has and will affect other families if left unchallenged. 

I have sought to deal with matters more than once by submitting complaints since I was formerly acquitted in 2018, yet the irony is that for the past two and half years the very Police Service with whom the complaints are sought and who fully supported the proclaimed victim and failed in their duty of disclosure are the same Police Service who are investigating my complaints. I was not surprised that the complaints were viciously defended and more than often dismissed. In 2021 the Commons Select Committee sat to hear evidence of failings within the Police Misconduct and Complaints System, which I again address here.

My case is not unique, but I am prepared to stand and be counted as I have met many unfortunate people wrongly convicted without a trace of any real evidence. The review of our judicial system in defending the victims of those wrongly accused is way overdue. I hope to seek this civil case will be a catalyst to see serious cases reviewed. 

The costs involved are outrageous and the only way I can now seek justice is by asking you for help.


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