Help Ex-Muslims Discover Israel

Help Ex-Muslims Discover Israel

Help us raise £3800 to take a small group of progressive/ex-Muslims to Israel so they can experience Israel firsthand & discover the facts.

We did it!

On 22nd May 2015 we successfully raised £3,800 of £3,800 target with 24 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Any overfunding will be used towards the work of the Emmaus Group, which is an unfunded organisation and totally relies upon the generosity of our supporters to enable us to continue the work we do!  

Project aim

We need to raise £3800 to take a small group of ex-Muslims to Israel so they can experience Israel firsthand & discover the facts.


About the project

Over the past few months, the Emmaus Group has had the privilege of meeting with and forming relationships with a group of young 'progressive Muslims' and ex-Muslims.  These young adults were raised in the UK, but began to question what they had been taught, eventually leading many of them to reject Islam in its entirety.  

As we spent time talking, Israel naturally came up, and these intelligent young people began to ask lots of questions.  They shared with us the things they were taught about Israel and about the Jews and about the conflict with Palestinians... and they quickly discovered that so many things that they were taught were at best inaccurate!  The indoctrination from a very young age is staggering, and this group of people from Muslim backgrounds began to realise that there is so much they don't know or understand about the reality of the situation.  

They desperately want to see it for themselves and have asked us to take them and show them what they need to see.  


This is an incredible opportunity for them to experience firsthand the reality of the situation and see for themselves the truth compared with what they have been taught. 

We need your help!


They are students and do not have enough money to cover the costs of going to Israel - those of you who have been will know how expensive it can be there!  

If you are aware of the indoctrination against Israel that is so prolific in the Islamic world, you will understand how important countering it is... and so we hope you will want to play a part in this important work!  


Without your help, we will not be able to take these young people to Israel as we do not have the finances to facilitate it.



Please help us to help these ex-radical Muslims discover the truth about Israel by seeing it for themselves.  It only takes a little stone to drop into a lake to create ripples that spread! 


Imagine the impact of ex-radical Muslims who discover the reality of Israel and then being able to share that with others that we could never reach as Christians and Jews!


Please pledge what you can to enable these young ex-Muslims, who are seeking the truth, to go and experience Israel for themselves!

Every pledge will make a big difference!  



Thank you for your continued support!

The Emmas Group Team    


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