Help Equip Unemployed Youth with IT Skills

Help Equip Unemployed Youth with IT Skills

Setting up an ICT Centre to empower unemployed youth with ICT skills

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My name is Daniel Ngala, living in Malindi, a small Kenyan town. I work as a freelance web developer and also have been training few young people how to develop websites for a living.

I intend to start an ICT centre in Malindi to help train more unemployed youths on various IT skills: Web Design, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, Gaming and digital literacy as a whole. This will go along way in helping them become self-employed as well as boosting their employability, thus breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in Kenya.

Funds are required to help secure a small premise and set up few computers and projector to get us started. You can also donate laptops, projectors or printers.

Your donation and support towards this cause will highly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Ngala